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Fuel NKU

At FUEL NKU we strive to support student food security and enrich the lives of students through education, engagement, and advocacy.


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Fall 2023 Hours

HC 104


Monday: 11AM - 4PM

Tuesday: 11AM - 4PM

Wednesday: 11AM - 5PM

Thursday: 11AM - 4PM

No appointments needed!

Community Partners @ FUEL NKU
FUEL NKU's composting initiative was featured on NPR!
FUEL NKU collage
Produce at FUEL NKU
Volunteers with FUEL NKU
Volunteers with FUEL NKU
Volunteers with FUEL NKU
Volunteers with FUEL NKU
Volunteers with FUEL NKU
Produce at FUEL NKU
From the students:
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NKU is a very helpful organization to me as a college student (especially being an international student) — financially helpful through freely providing one of the basic needs — food.
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I've been able to eat healthier and cleaner over the last two years from fuel. I’ve lost 40 lbs because of it and got in shape. Fuel has been a great way for me to keep me happy and healthy but not cost an arm and leg.
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Fuel NKU is a way to destigmatize the need for free produce and other snacks or necessities through opening it to all students as well as a way to aid in college students being able to spend money in other ways that they need.
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Free shopping to keep students alive!
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FUEL NKU is so so helpful to me. I pay for all my school & also other expenses like rent/utilities. Fuel helps me relieve stress because I am able to save so much money that I would normally have to be spending on groceries every week. I am so thankful that we go to a school that offers this service.
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It helps me knowing that I can get food in case of an emergency, anytime, right here on campus. So helpful!
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It means easy access to food and health supplies that are hard for me to get otherwise.

Support Fuel NKU

By giving to FUEL NKU Zero Hunger Ι Zero Waste, you invest in students, their education and directly impact their success.

Here's some ways to give:

FUEL NKU in the Albright Center

Visit us right inside the Albright Health Center, HC 104

We are open for in-person shopping hours. We are no longer requiring masks for shopping. If you want to request one, please let any of our team members know.

Please visit our social media platforms for the most up-to-date information.

An assortment of items available at Fuel NKU