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NKU Retiree Information

After retiring from NKU, the Office of Information Technology still provides and supports various accounts and software.  Be sure you understand the requirements to retire, which can be found on the NKU Retirement Process page.


Services Kept After Retirement

  • Access to NKU email
  • Email Content
  • Software permitted by NKU's vendors
  • Microsoft Office 365 - Online Only (subject to change)


Emeriti Retirees will receive the same services listed above with the following additions:

  • Access to Microsoft Office 365 download-and-run software
  • Additional software if approved and funded by the Dean or VP of their area (pending software licensing allowances)

Services NOT Kept After Retirement

  • NKU Equipment (laptops, tablets, etc.)
  • Network files and folders (Microsoft OneDrive, J and K drives)
  • Virtual Desktop Access
  • NKU VPN Access
  • Software to Conduct University Business
  • University Data or Institutional Records access
    • Retirees will retain access to the various Steely Library and Chase College of Law databases (EBSCO, etc.).  This involves only NKU internal business data, and can only be accessed on campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I begin accessing the above services after retiring?

Official retiree accounts are recreated after 3 days.  If you encounter any issues accessing your account, please contact your department or the Office of Human Resources.  It is the responsibility of the retiree and their department to remove all university-owned sensitive data from their email and network drives (including OneDrive).

In addition to my NKU email account, will my folders also be accessible?

Yes, your email folders will be available to you.  Please note that all university-owned sensitive data must be removed from all folders before retirement.

I downloaded Microsoft Office on my personal computer through NKU.   Can I continue to use that after retirement?

At this time, Microsoft Office 365 will be accessible to you through the Webmail link; you will not have access to the installed version.

Do I get to keep my Zoom account?

No, you will not be able to keep your Zoom account.  Zoom has a free account available, and there are many options and subscriptions available.  

Can I purchase my NKU laptop/computer after retirement?

If you wish to purchase your NKU laptop/computer, please contact your department.