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Dear Colleagues:

About a month ago, we launched our strategic framework process.  I invited you and the community to help design NKU’s future direction framed by a commitment to advancing student success aligned with regional needs.

In this short time, we have connected with about 500 students, faculty, staff, alumni and members of our community.  The Core Team and I are excited by the ideas and input you are sharing.  For those of you who have participated in a TalkShop, THANK YOU for sharing your voice!

We are calling this important work “Success by Design” because it is guided by two fundamental principles: understanding the hopes and aspirations of who we are trying to serve—our students and the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati Region—and designing the programs, services, and learning experiences to help our students succeed and the region to thrive.

We all play a critical role in building NKU’s future. In order to keep you updated on what’s happening throughout this work, we’ve launched our Website,  Also, beginning this week, you will have several opportunities to participate. Please:

1.      Complete the online surveys
These surveys are a convenient way for anyone and everyone to participate. Simply go online and share your thoughts on our main areas of student success:

2.      Stop by a pop-up TalkShop

The times and locations of these pop-up TalkShops won’t be announced, so be on the lookout across our campus for members of the Core Team who look forward to having quick conversations with you.

3.      Join a Whiteboard Wednesday discussion

Spot a new whiteboard in your building?  We have selected high-traffic and common areas of various buildings where each Wednesday, we will pose a new fill-in-the-blank statement related to student success. Join the conversation by sharing your thoughts on these whiteboards.  Both pictures and words are welcome!

These activities are meant for us to learn what works and what doesn’t; what we need to design, scale up and try out; what we can do without; and what’s next for NKU.  Most important, they are meant to engage you — our NKU community – in this design process. Your input will help us better serve current and future students as we promote economic and social mobility, leading to a more engaged, prosperous, inclusive and equitable community.

I look forward to your ideas.