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Dear Colleagues:

This week I spent time in Frankfort in a continued effort of advocacy on behalf of our university.  I would like to provide you with an update on the legislative actions that were taken and the impact they may have on NKU, as well as ask for your continued advocacy.  

The House of Representatives passed their version of the state budget, and we were pleased to see eliminated the 6.25% budget reduction proposed in the Governor’s budget, saving NKU a cut of $3.2 million. Unfortunately, no dollars were awarded to fix the funding disparity impacting our institution. The bill now moves to the Senate for their action.   

With respect to pension reform, our university still faces severe financial budget impacts if the pension cost increases are not addressed.  Two bills were discussed this week dealing with pension relief and reform: Senate Bill 1 and Senate Bill 66. We have begun the process of assessing the specifics of these two bills in order to understand what they mean and how they could help NKU.  We will update you on this as we learn more, but know that change is imperative to our future.   

Now, we need your help more than ever. We have made so much progress over the past two years to end the politics of funding postsecondary education, and we cannot stop now. Please visit to learn more. Here you can learn how to leave a message for your Representative and Senator over the phone or e-mail them directly.

Our collective advocacy will be the difference maker in whether the funding disparity gets fixed. Please take the time to make your voice heard. Thank you.  



Gerard A. St. Amand
Interim President
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