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Dear Colleagues:

As we continue to work toward a more inclusive and equitable experience for our students, I invite you to take the 2019 Campus Climate Survey, which will be available for completion beginning Thursday, February 7 through Thursday, February 21, 2019. A critical aspect of our commitment to student success and to the well-being of our faculty and staff is that each person feels safe, is treated with respect, and has a strong sense of belonging. Your thoughtful responses to this confidential survey will help us assess what impact our diversity and inclusion efforts have on these goals.

Sharing your experiences and perceptions of NKU in this survey will strengthen the university’s continued efforts in creating a community of belonging. Again, the survey will be open February 7-21, 2019.  You will receive the link on Thursday.

Thank you for your continued commitment to NKU.

Sincerely yours,