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Dear Colleagues:

Please join me in supporting our Combined Giving Campaign, which supports both the United Way of Greater Cincinnati and Community Shares of Greater Cincinnati. We participate annually in this campaign with the goal of making community giving as convenient as possible for you.  These two organizations serve hundreds of thousands of area residents and invest millions of dollars to assist the most vulnerable among us. This campaign is specifically structured to bring together the collective power of these organizations in one concentrated giving effort.

Every gift, no matter its size makes a difference. By pooling our collective resources through many small gifts, we impact our community and help those in need. United Way improves the lives of 330,000 people every year—that’s 1 in 5 of us—through funding 140 social service agencies and leading 5 program initiatives of our own to address gaps. Community Shares of Greater Cincinnati is the region’s only local federation of charities working on social change, environmental, and animal welfare causes.

I hope you will join me in contributing this year at whatever level you are able.   Soon you will receive a personalized link from offering you the opportunity to contribute to United Way. Online pledging is handled through the ePledge system and can be initiated by clicking on the personalized link provided in your email. You can learn more about the efforts of United Way of Greater Cincinnati here.

Giving to Community Shares is also easy and convenient. Simply visit their pledge site to make your online pledge. You can learn more about the great work they do at

Both pledge systems are available now. Our campaign runs from October 28 – November 8.

Thank you in advance for supporting the important work of United Way and Community Shares.

Sincerely yours,