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Dear Colleagues:

As I stated earlier this year, among many developing partnerships is that of our continued support of the American Heart Association and the Heart Mini-Marathon on March 10, 2019. The event offers something for everyone, being inclusive of all ages and athletic backgrounds.

Each year NKU has participated in this event through engaging teams, and I hope to see NKU show up in a big way again this year.

My ask is simple; please elect a representative from your department to create a team of 10-15 fellow employees, friends and family to participate in the Heart Mini-Marathon & Walk by accessing our NKU Heart Mini webpage. Already, we have 7 team captains representing NKU in the Heart Mini:

  1. Crusaders for Healthy Populations: Joe Cress
  2. NKU (he)Arts and Sciences: Bethany Bowling
  3. NKU IT: Find IT in your Heart: Nichole Marimon
  4. Norse Up-Right Here: Molly Woods
  5. Norse’s Nurses: Emily Lowe
  6. The Racing Hearts: Valerie Hardcastle
  7. Victor’s Ventricles: Kim Baker

Our university team kick-off will be held on Thursday, January 24th, from 12-1pm in the Student Union, Room 104. AHA representative Ryan Sowers will be on campus to share resources, tools and to ensure captains have materials to see success. For more information on this effort please contact Kim Baker or contact our AHA representative, Ryan Sowers to assist in setting up your team.

With heart,