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Dear Colleagues,

I hope the start of the fall semester has been energizing and exciting.

During last week’s Success by Design open forum, I shared some important news about resource support for the implementation of the strategic framework.

I am happy to officially announce the creation of a $2 million Strategic Investment and Innovation Fund (SIIF) to support the implementation of Success by Design, and Box 3 initiatives in particular. Thanks to our efforts in being good stewards of our funds in 2018-19, we have been able to set aside these resources to support Success by Design.

If you recall, Box 3 will include the bold, new initiatives that we want to launch and implement to help us reach the goals set out in Success by Design.

In the coming weeks, we will form the implementation teams and determine the process and criteria for awarding funds from this $2 million SIIF. While we develop the criteria, it will be important that all funding requests are aligned with the framework initiatives, and include expected outcomes, progress milestones and measures for achievement.

Please be on the lookout for future communications and updates on the Success by Design website where we will provide more details about implementation and about this special funding.

Sincerely yours,