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Dear Campus Community:

On April 5, you will receive an email to kick off NKU’s ArtsWave Campaign which will run from April 5 through May 7, 2021.

The arts are a powerful asset in our region with world-class museums, award-winning theaters, an internationally celebrated symphony orchestra and many more outstanding organizations. They attract national acclaim and drive tourism while making this region an attractive place to live and work. The arts foster creativity and learning in our future leaders, bringing vitality to our neighborhoods through opportunities to bridge cultural divides and promote cross-cultural understanding.

According to a recent Americans for the Arts public opinion poll, 75 percent of Americans agree that “the arts unify us, regardless of age, race and ethnicity.”

Through gifts from tens of thousands of individuals and companies each year, ArtsWave funds and supports 100-plus arts projects and organizations through impact-based grants. Throughout the pandemic, ArtsWave has kept the pilot light burning for many arts organizations through accelerated payments, working capital bridge Loans and emergency-response grants. They launched an Arts Vibrancy Recovery Fund and advocated for government arts relief. These are all pieces of an arts survival strategy that will make Cincinnati’s arts emerge from this crisis in a stronger position than many of our peer and competitive cities. The success of this campaign ensures that the arts remain an engine for regional growth and a force for change.

Please contact Ron Shaw or Beth Sweeney, co-coordinators of the campaign, with any questions.

Thank you for your support of the ArtsWave Community Campaign.