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Online QM Workshops

NKU periodically holds online workshops for faculty and staff who would like to learn more about QM.  

The Introduction to Quality Matters (INTRO2QM) workshop provides a basic overview of the QM system of quality assurance for online course design. It runs for two weeks. Participants should plan to devote a minimum of 6 hours total to complete the workshop requirements. There are firm due dates.

The Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR) workshop is an intensive exploration of the QM Rubric. Sessions for NKU are typically 3 weeks long. Participants should plan to devote at least 20-22 hours total to complete the workshop requirements; some participants report spending 30 hours or more. There are firm due dates. Please note: INTRO2QM is not a prerequisite for the APPQMR workshop. However, the APPQMR workshop is the prerequisite for QM Peer Reviewer Certification training. 

Both workshops are fully online and asynchrnous, with facilitated instruction. The workshops are usually offered at least twice per academic year. The university will cover the cost of a workshop for those enrolling for the first time. To learn more about these workshops, please email Stephanie Songer.

Become a Certified QM Peer Reviewer

We are preparing for internal reviews of NKU's online courses by teams of QM-certified faculty peer reviewers. To be eligible to serve on a review team, you must: (1) teach at least one online, for-credit, higher education course, (2) have demonstrated teaching excellence, and (3) have time to devote to the required professional development as well as the course review process.

The pathway to become a peer reviewer begins with the APPQMR workshop, described above. Next is the Peer Reviewer Course (PRC), which is offered by QM in the online format and required for certification.

Certified peer reviewers will earn $150 for each NKU course review they complete. Certified peer reviewers may also be invited to participate in external reviews for other colleges and universities. Those who have participated in at least two external reviews are eligible to take the QM Master Reviewer Certification (MRC), which qualifies them to lead review teams. Master reviewers will receive $250 for each NKU course review they lead. 

There are many benefits to becoming a peer reviewer. When you serve as a peer reviewer, you are promoting and upholding the quality of online teaching and learning at NKU and beyond. You gain insight into the course design process, which helps you improve your own online courses. When you serve on external review teams, you connect with other faculty from across the U.S. and around the world. Reviewer training and experience improve your ability to communicate in a clear and sensitive manner with your colleagues and students. Reviewer certification enhances your CV. NKU's reviewers are recognized on our QM-Trained Faculty and Staff web page.

If you have completed the APPQMR workshop, and you are interested in becoming a peer reviewer for NKU, please contact your Dean.