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Northern Kentucky University has partnered with the Education Advisory Board to deliver the NKU Navigate (SSC), a platform that “combines technology, consulting, and best practice research to help colleges and universities leverage data and analytics to measurably improve student outcomes” (Source: EAB). The platform will be utilized by departments across campus to support and advance their student success strategies and initiatives.


What is NKU Navigate (SSC)?

NKU’s partnership with EAB will allow for the use of data analytics to enable actionable insight, improve cross-divisional collaborations, and continue to elevate our service standards. The NKU Navigate platform will use predictive analytics to support departments to take action and target subsets of students based on data, while the case management functionality will help streamline direct support to students. Specifically, the predictive model will help us identify academic strategies for student success, including strategies around the curriculum and proactive interventions around academic success indicators.


How will we Utilize Navigate?

1)      Proactively support students through predictive analytics and academic strategies.

2)      Streamline direct support to students.

3)      Identify academic success indicators that will inform practices, interventions, and strategies.

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