What is EAB SSC?

EAB stands for the Educational Advisory Board; SSC stands for Student Success Collaborative.


What is the EAB Student Success Collaborative?

NKU’s partnership with EAB will allow for the use of data analytics to enable actionable insight, improve cross-divisional collaborations, and continue to elevate our service standards. The Student Success Collaborative Campus platform will use predictive analytics to support departments to take action and target subsets of students based on data, while the case management functionality will help streamline direct support to students. Specifically, the predictive model will help us identify academic strategies for student success, including strategies around the curriculum and proactive interventions around academic success indicators.


Why are we using this platform?

EAB is a program that is primarily meant to help us:

1.     Make better-informed decisions, including through the identification of academic success indicators;

2.     Increase the effectiveness of our interventions;

3.     Increase communication between NKU and students; and

4.     Provide faculty and staff with hands-on predictive analytics.


What is happening to SAP/myNKU?

SAP/myNKU is staying.

You will still use SAP in a variety of ways:

1.     To lift advising (or other) holds;

2.     To run a degree audit;

3.     To issue permits;

4.     To check midterm grades;

5.     Course Registration;

6.     Change of major and more…

When you’re working directly with students, think of myNKU as the “registration” part of meeting with a student and EAB as the “advising” part. EAB is designed to help you jumpstart developmental conversations in a proactive, academics-based manner.


What is happening to Mapworks?

Since the beginning of the fall 2015 semester, NKU has not utilized Mapworks. Faculty and staff are encouraged to continue making student referrals through UCAP’s internal system (referral). The UCAP system should serve as the primary mode of making a referral until the EAB SSC platform early alert referral component launches in fall 2017.


What is happening to ImageNow?

ImageNow is staying. While EAB does offer some document management options (and we are piloting them), ImageNow is currently our document management software.


Which students are in the EAB: SSC platform?

We have loaded all students who have an open matriculation window into the platform.


When will I get training?

Training is ongoing, cycling through each college and academic unit.


Can EAB replace my scheduling software?

EAB does offer a feature for students to schedule appointments with their advisors. We’re piloting that feature right now and plan to roll it out to all academic units by spring 2018.


Will I be required to use the platform?

EAB offers some cutting-edge analytics as well as a user-friendly student overview. We think you’ll want to use the platform once you see how it can integrate into your current practices.


Why I am receiving notifications when my student cancels a meeting with a different advisor?

The platform recognizes that students who repeatedly cancel meetings with student support offices on campus may be at risk. The emails you’re receiving are simply to let you know that your student has cancelled a meeting with a support office on campus. As the advisor, if you recognize a pattern with a student, you may want to reach out and check on them.