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Parents' & Childrens' Rights

Children playing in the water

Legislation by the Commonwealth of Kentucky requires that all parents and children served by an early childhood program, facility, or home, have and be made aware of these basic rights:

Children's Rights:

  1. The right to be free from physical or mental abuse.
  2. The right not to be subjected to abusive language or abusive punishment.
  3. The right to be in the care of adults who shall meet their health, safety, and developmental needs.

 Parents' & Guardians' Rights:

  1. The right to have access to their children at all times the child is in care and access to the provider caring for their child during normal hours of operation and whenever the children are in the care of the provider.
  2. The right to be provided with child care regulatory standards, if applicable; where to direct questions about regulatory standards; and how to file a complaint.
  3. The right to file a complaint against a child care provider without any retribution against the parent, custodian, guardian or child.
  4. The right to review and discuss with the provider any state reports and deficiencies revealed by such reports..