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  • Email as Communication

    Northern Kentucky University provides an email address for all students, faculty, and staff. This address is used by academic departments and administrative offices to send official communications to NKU students. This includes notices about registration, payments and payments due, housing, dining, class communications, grades, teacher evaluations, and all other official communications. It is the expectation that NKU students will regularly check their NKU email for important correspondence. Failure to check the official University email account does not relieve the student of academic, legal, or fiduciary responsibility to the institution.

  • Photo Permission

    Students give permission to Northern Kentucky University to use any photographic image taken of Student while Student is in any public space, grounds, offices, or any University sponsored public events without payment or other compensation. Student releases all claim to audio and video recordings or photographs and assigns all rights to these images or recordings to the University. These images may include educational materials, education broadcasts and websites, or promotion of the University. Student understands that their photographic image may be used for legitimate business purposes. Student hereby waives any right that Student may have to inspect or approve any such use.