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Below are testimonials from our Summer Spark participants over the years.



"Incredible on-campus resources were introduced to me, resources which I wouldn't have discovered for several months on my own.

However, the best thing to come from Summer Spark, for me, were the connections I made. Through the program I was put in contact with alumni and staff members who have consistently helped me in seeking exciting opportunities and making crucial decisions.

Deciding to participate in Summer Spark was the best decision I could have made going into my freshman year at NKU."

- Alexandra, Summer Spark 2019 participant


“The Summer Spark program introduced me to the different services NKU has to offer and many new friends I have on campus today. Before Summer Spark, I had already been attending classes at NKU, but I never knew where any of the services were or the people to talk to about them. I still study and eat with some of my fellow classmates from Summer Spark. To me the 3 credit hours I earned from this class were just a bonus to the extra things the program offers. I would participate in this program even if I wasn’t going to get those 3 credits!”

- Mitch Ketron, Summer Spark 2019 participant


“Summer Spark has helped me understand the “college life” here at NKU. I was able to see parts of NKU campus that I hadn’t seen before, which helped with my classes and meeting new people. I got to meet some professors and hear what they expect from a new freshman.

Summer Spark is one of the best summer classes I’ve ever taken. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today at NKU.”

- Briegh, Summer Spark 2018 participant

Tatiana and Mearns

“Summer Spark prepared me for my first semester by (helping me earn) my first 3 credits, meeting new people, and saving money for college. I would definitely recommend Summer Spark to incoming students because (you) meet new people and learn about the services and programs on campus that are available to NKU students.”

- Tatiana, Summer Spark 2016 participant

Tori and Mearns

“Summer Spark allowed me to get to know what NKU really has to offer to an incoming freshman. I never would have known as much as I do about the University without Summer Spark. It has opened so many doors for me on campus, allowed me to meet some pretty awesome people, and it allowed me to get an insight to what college is really like. I am so thankful that I got the opportunity to be a part of it.”

- Tori, Summer Spark 2016 participant


Below is a testimonial from a parent of a Summer Spark participant.

“My son was offered a job and received a call stating he was accepted into the Summer Spark program on the same day. The work hours would have conflicted with the program, so after weighing the pros and cons, he decided to decline the job opportunity in order to get a head start on his freshmen year. This proved to be THE BEST decision for him and made all the difference with his start into college. He had a chance to complete one of his courses before school started, meet some of his classmates, instructors and upperclassmen, (and) become familiar and comfortable with the campus. He even became a part of Fresh Start, where he assisted with freshmen move in day. I attribute this to the Summer Spark program as he felt so comfortable with NKU.

As we were moving into the dorm, my son saw several fellow Summer Spark students calling his name/waving/coming over to speak with him. It was wonderful to see how many new friends he had made before school even started. This made him (and me) feel more comfortable/less stressed with the transition – not to mention the fact that he had a college course completed, now knew some of the professors/upperclassmen and more importantly, felt comfortable conversing with them and approaching them with questions – this from a traditionally very shy, very quiet person!

As it happened, because of the individual attention and accessibility of the professors and tutors, my son was able to work ahead and complete all of the course requirements.”

- Parent of Summer Spark 2016 participant