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The purpose of the University Assessment Committee is to promote and support the implementation of student learning outcomes assessment practices across the university. The committee will also promote a culture of assessment and continuous improvement by serving as a resource for programs in their learning outcomes assessment initiatives.




The UAC will have the following primary goals to guide its activities:

  • Educate – Educate the University community about the value of assessment as a tool for continuous improvement, enhanced student success, and institutional effectiveness. Suggest strategies to promote effective integration of assessment in day to day practices. Encourage the development of a culture of continuous improvement in the university.

  • Inform – Provide information to the University community about assessment and assessment-related activities, resources and opportunities. Promote the sharing of assessment experiences and practices across programs. Prepare an annual University Assessment Report to be submitted to the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs.

  • Support – Assist the University community in the development and implementation of assessment plans and strategies, including technologies supporting assessment. Assist in the implementation of learning outcome assessment initiatives on campus.  Suggest policies and procedures related to student learning assessment.  Provide recommendations on technical development assessment resources needed at department and university levels.  Recognize exemplary assessment practices by departments.




Membership will include:

  • Representatives from each college
  • Representative from Steely Library
  • Representative from Enrollement and Degree Management (EDM)
  • Representative from the Graduate Council
  • Representative from  the General Education Committee
  • Student representative nominated by the student government
  • Four permanent ex officio members:
    • Vice Provost for Graduate Education, Research, and Outreach
    • Assistant Vice Provost for Assessment
    • Executive Director for Institutional Research
    • The Division of Student Affairs officer responsible for strategic planning and assessment.

Membership of this committee will be adjusted depending on emerging needs.


Current Membership List  

Abdou Ndoye -

Ginger Blackwell –

Andrea Brooks -

Sheena Brooks –

Jen Cellio –

Holly Chason –

Trina Cossin –

Sean Foley -

Stephanie Klatzke -

Brianna Marshall -

Danielle McDonald -

Christopher Polito -

Frank Robinson –

Tina Ryle -

Emily Detmer-Goebel -