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Access the latest NKU Magazine stories featuring the accomplishments of our students, faculty, staff and alumni.

  • Recognizing Excellence

    Recognizing Excellence

    "I view Black history as American history and it should be celebrated all year, but this month gives us time as a country to truly appreciate the contributions of Black people to American society and beyond."

  • Black History Month 2021

    Black History Month 2021

    In honor of Black History Month, Northern Kentucky University would like to recognize our community of students, faculty, staff and alumni.

  • Celebrating Differences

    Celebrating Differences

    “You have to realize two things: everyone is different, and there is something special about you. Once you realize that, you should celebrate it and help others celebrate their differences.”

  • Flynn's Corner: A Conversation with Terrance McCraney

    Flynn's Corner: A Conversation with Terrance McCraney

    "Deciding to go north from Louisville was an amazing step toward developing the Terrance I am today."

  • 5,000 Miles Later

    5,000 Miles Later

    "I think it is important to recognize and celebrate the thousands of important contributions people of African descent made to not only American and world history but even to our communities and culture today."