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  •  Maggie and Melissa stand in front of a stage

    Sophomore Sisters

    “Now that we’re here together, it feels like we’re always finding each other and trying to communicate. Like, ‘Hey, where are you? Did you eat already?’”

  •  Paloma stands in front of Fruit Land's counter.

    Next Stop: Fruit Land

    Juggling classwork and her small business, recent NKU graduate Paloma Villasana created the after-school hangout spot she once dreamed of.

  • A Trailblazer For Women Educators

    "For years, they’ve seen that the majority of their teachers are female. A lot of principals are females. Now, they can see the superintendent, and it’s something they can do. That’s a big responsibility.”

  •  Haley Berry holds diploma on campus on graduation day.

    Learning by Doing

    "That’s really what athletic training is: learning by doing. If we had any questions, our professor was right there going through the answer with us."

  • Training Educators Beyond the Classroom

    “We need people with passion for education, and people who are informed advocates for education. We're excited that our program can inspire some of that passion."