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  • An Indelible History Lesson

    An Indelible History Lesson

    This past July, eight Northern Kentucky University students and two staff members spent a week in the southern U.S. to learn about the Civil Rights movement.

  • Connecting Cultures

    Connecting Cultures

    Last semester, students in Yasue Kuwahara’s POP 345 “Japanese Pop Culture” class teamed up with students from Nanzan University in Nagoya, Japan to learn more about each other’s cultures through the larger COIL project between Nanzan and NKU.

  • Modern Media Framing

    Modern Media Framing

    "There’s so much more going on with the things that we consume than we would think. I watch a lot of bad TV, those messages, even though they’re silly and entertainment can change the way I think about things even if I don’t intend for them to."

  • Senior Spotlight: Emma Webster

    Senior Spotlight: Emma Webster

    "I think it all came down to finding out what I liked and what was my niche, which these classes let me do. The big projects also helped prepare me for my career."

  • Senior Spotlight: Meg Winslow

    Senior Spotlight: Meg Winslow

    "The research opportunities I’ve had have been really beneficial. Not just about the research but also building professional relationships and networking in my professional life."