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  • A Historic Save

    A Historic Save

    "No matter what happens, I want to stay true to who I am. It’s such a big deal to me to have this opportunity. Everything I worked for led to this moment, and I know how many doors can open just from this chance. "

  • Student Spotlight: Chandra Huff

    Student Spotlight: Chandra Huff

    “The information I’m learning and the feedback I’m getting from my professors—and even my classmates—is going to make me a better social worker."

  • Orientation Leader Spotlight: Julia Bottoms

    Orientation Leader Spotlight: Julia Bottoms

    "I have had the most amazing professors and bosses here at NKU that truly seek to cultivate an environment where students from all walks of life with a diverse array of dreams and aspirations can thrive throughout their time in college and beyond."

  • Building Belongingness through Peer Mentors in STEM

    Building Belongingness through Peer Mentors in STEM

    "We’re hoping we’ll be able to take what we learned this past fall, apply it and continue on to grow the program and its impacts."

  • Norse Skolars

    Norse Skolars

    "When students have a place or a familiar face that they can connect with on campus, it does help with alleviating some stress. It helps students feel more connected at the university and to have that sense of security that someone cares.”