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Meet Our Alumni Team

Amy Arbino Wylie ('92)

Director of Alumni Programs
& Councils




Emma Walker ('11, '14)

Assistant Director of Alumni





Flynn Ashley ('13, '15)

Assistant Director of Alumni Outreach & Digital Engagement




Leslie Schultz

Administrative Specialist,
Alumni Programs






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Alma Mater

Northern, let your vision lead us,
Hearts of women, men and youth.
Help us seek the higher virtues,
Guide us to the greater truth.
Northern, Northern, alma mater,
May our lives enrich your name.
And in time leave us, your children,
Better far than when we came.

Fight Song

Northern Kentucky (Lets go Norse) for the black and the white and gold.
Into battle we stride, fighting onward with pride, shouting Victor's mighty roar "Go Norse"
So hear come the champions, standing tall. Always strong and always brave. For when the mighty all fall down still our banner waves.