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Get Involved

How do you want to make an impact? NKU offers a number of volunteer opportunities to create a meaningful experience. Students love the opportunity to meet alumni who share their interests and learn what it takes to accomplish their dreams. Connections to resources, opportunities and mentors are crucial in today's complex world. You can help watch NKU change, evolve and grow by getting involved with us. By simply donating your time, you’re creating lasting change and building a stronger Norse community. Fill out our interest form today!


NFluencer Social Media Ambassador

"N"Fluencer social media ambassador

Use your personal social media platforms to help promote the great things happening at NKU.

Student Recruitment Initiatives

Student recruitment initiatives

Be a part of welcoming NKU's next class by calling prospective students, writing letters, and attending recruitment events.

Professional Development and Career Mentoring

Professional development and career mentoring

Make a lasting impact by meeting with students to provide career advice that helps them prepare for life after graduation.

Student Success and Retention Initiatives

Student success and retention initiatives

Support students through their college experience and help them cross the stage to receive their degree.

Host an NKU Alumni Event in your Hometown

Host an NKU alumni event in your hometown

Host a gathering of NKU alumni or potential students in your home or around town.

Guest Speaker and Panel Discussions

Guest speaker and panel discussions

Bring your expertise to an event or to the classroom by being a speaker or being part of a panel of speakers.

About the Alumni Board of Directors

and Alumni Councils

Alumni Board of Directors

We are key leaders and community partners in the pursuit of excellence for NKU. We contribute our professional skills and experiences to deliver NKU’s mission, vision and goals. We serve our Alumni by seeking to understand their needs and developing initiatives that maximize their engagement.

Black Alumni Council

The mission of the Black Alumni Council is to enhance the experience for African American alumni by offering professional development opportunities, promoting student-alumni interactions and by cultivating relationships between members of all generations and disciplines.

Young Alumni Council

The Young Alumni Association bridges the collegiate experience to lifetime engagement with the university for graduates of the last decade.