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As a general rule, requests are processed and returned within 48 hours. The size and nature of the request and peak periods for the Copy Center are determining factors for completion time.

For your convenience, copying requests are picked up and delivered with the daily mail delivery. Copy center baskets are located in the following locations:



Department Location
Education MEP251-Math/Edu/Psy
Mathematics MEP401- Math/Edu/Psy
College of Business, Dean's Office BC305- College of Business
Admissions AC400- Lucas Administrative Center
Marketing & Communications AC701 Lucas Administrative Center
Literature & Language LA500 Landrum Academic Center
Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Geology SC204- Natural Science Center
First Year Programs FH234- Founders Hall
Chase Administration NH516- Nunn Hall
Campus Recreation AHC104- Albright Health Center
Athletics AHC250- Albright Health Center
Nursing AHC303- Albright Health Center
Career Development UC305- University Center
Learning Assistance UC170- University Center
Theatre FAC205- Fine Arts Center
Music FAC253- Fine Arts Center
Art FAC312- Fine Arts Center
Dean of Students SU301- Student Union
College of Informatics GH400- Griffin Hall