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Mission Statement

The Northern Kentucky Senior Advocates mission is to champion issues related to older adults in the diverse communities of NK by collaborating with concerned citizens, local colleges and universities, healthcare systems and social services agencies.



To educate older adults and their families:

  1. How to Advocate for Themselves
  2. How to Advocate for Legislative Matters
  3. How to Become Aware of Services Available to Them
  4. How to Navigate the Healthcare System and to
  5. Strive to relay, and influence matters of importance, regarding local, state and federal legislative issues that affect older adults



  1. Medicare-Medicaid
  2. Transportation
  3. Housing
  4. State and Federal Bills/Laws
  5. Health Education Literacy
  6. Practical Information
    • Scams
    • Aging and Opiates
    • Family Caregiving
    • ADRC (Adult Disability Resource Center)

*Priorities stem from the Toolkit that we're in the process of developing

*Mission, Goals and Priorities are subject to change during our review and discussion at upcoming meeting