Restoration (definition): The return of a degraded ecosystem to a close approximation of its remaining natural potential (USEPA).

Established in 1999, the NKU Center for Environmental Restoration (CER) partners with government agencies, non-profits, and private landowners to restore and protect the natural environment in the region, including streams, wetlands, forests, and meadows. In addition to restoring and protecting the health of the natural environment, the CER’s projects provide pre-professional work experience and income for NKU student interns, and research and educational resources for NKU faculty and other educators.

Our largest project is the Northern Kentucky Stream Restoration Program. Other areas of expertise include forest assessment and restoration, rare plant surveys and research, conservation planning, invasive species management and geographic information system mapping.

To date, the CER has completed more than 200 environmental projects, and has employed more than 120 NKU student interns for over 70,000 hours.

The CER is fully funded by project revenue, and receives no NKU financial support.

Student interns constructing a wetland.
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