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2023 Posters at the Capitol Presenters from NKU
NKU Presenters and faculty at Posters-at-the-Capitol
Student presenting to visitor

2024 Posters-at-the-Capitol

What is the Posters-at-the-Capitol program?

With unique research projects on display, Posters-at-the-Capitol helps to increase understanding of the important role undergraduate research plays in the education of our students among those responsible for higher education funding in Kentucky.


When is Posters-at-the-Capitol?

March 7, 2024 will mark the twenty-second annual Posters-at-the-Capitol program starting at 12pm in Frankfort, Ky. Details on the half day program to follow.
***note that the 2024 event falls during NKU's Spring Break.


NKU Priority Submission Deadline is December 1st.


Who is eligible?

Participants must be undergraduate students at NKU during the 2023-24 academic year and the research projects submitted should represent a significant investment of time by the student outside of normal course requirements and class projects. The research project must be of sufficient quality to be presented at a professional academic meeting.

Why is this important?

Providing undergraduates with the opportunity to engage in scholarly, research, and creative work is important to our students’ educational experience and professional development. We encourage faculty to have their students participate in Posters-at-the-Capitol to help those in Kentucky who fund higher education understand why these experiences are so important.

If you are an undergraduate student, we want to tell your story to your home town and university legislators so that other Kentucky students can enjoy and benefit from the kind of experience you have had!


How do I submit?

Posters on the Capitol is administered by Murray State University. Here a link to information about submitting your abstract and questions about evaluation and selection.  Make sure that you are language that anyone outside your field can understand! From this page, you can click to register for P@C and on the next page on the left hand side click on submit to Posters-at-the-Capitol.

Below is a link to the log in page - you first need to create an account, then log into the system to submit your abstract.  Even if you have submitted before, you need to create a new account.

The password confirmations and resets are going to Spam Folders - please check your quarantined emails for that information.  Once you have logged in, accept the terms and conditions to proceed.




All students need to create a new account to submit their abstracts. Click here to create an account and submit your abstract.




Student posing with Rep. Brenda

Future dates

March 6, 2025
March 5, 2026
March 4, 2027

All student and faculty presenters from 2019

Posters-at-the-Capitol 2023 Participants