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NKU has adopted the Student Opportunity Center resource platform to provide students with different experiential learning opportunities from campus and around the country. This platform will connect you with 10,000 conferences, journals, research opportunities - designed specifically for student research and creative activities. The SOC has also been connected with myEngagment and Handshake from Career Services to serve as a one stop for student opporuntities. Click SOC to log in with your NKU log in information.


Contact Us

Office Location: Founders Hall 255
Hours: M-F 9-3:30pm
Phone: 859-572-6593
Teams: Shauna Reilly

Dr. Shauna Reilly
Director, ISRCA


Find us on Social Media

Find us on Social Media



Our Mission

The Institute for Student Research & Creative Activity (ISRCA) engages, supports, enhances and acknowledges the involvement of students and their faculty mentors in research, scholarship and creative activities throughout campus. ISRCA assists in growing the number and breadth of research, scholarship and creative activity opportunities for all NKU students.  ISRCA also facilitates programming to support faculty-student collaborative scholarly work and to further integrate research into the curriculum.

As the Council on Undergraduate Research states, students who participate in research are better prepared in their fields of student as well as more informed as citizens as they learn skills of problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication. 

Institute Activities


ISRCA provides workshops for students and mentors on different aspects of student research and creative activity.  Watch this week or our website calendar for new opportunities.



ISRCA provides opportunities for funding (project, fellowships and travel).  See funding opportunities on our website for details!


Experiential Learning

Students can participate in different on campus and nation-wide opportunities (internships, research, creative activity, extracurriculars) through the student opportunity center.


Student and Mentor highlights  

Every Saturday ISRCA recognizes students' research and creative activity (#SaturdayScholars) and the first Friday of each month, we recognize faculty mentors (#FacultyFridays) on our social media accounts and other sources. Nominate your students and faculty mentors today by filling out this brief form.


Students who have completed two of the following are eligible for honor cords for graduation.

1. Present* research/creative work at: Celebration (any format), an external conference or a juried competition or equivalent.

2. Publication of your work in a NKU student journal, with a faculty member in a professional journal or another reviewed source.*

3. Serve as an ISRCA student ambassador for 12 months.

4. Completion of Honors or Department Capstone*

*these must be different projects

If eligible complete this form.


To submit events to the ISRCA calendar - please email us at