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Our goal in this Teaching Community is to provide comprehensive and accessible learning opportunities that support advocacy, programming, and education. We aim to foster comprehensive learning and educational opportunities that will equip college and K-12 students, professionals, and community leaders to better their teaching practices and response to human trafficking in our region and global community.

Teaching Resources


Free introductory Human Trafficking 101 Course

Reference from: Human trafficking training. Polaris. (2021, October 7). Retrieved July 10, 2022, from 

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Secondary Teaching Guide Human Trafficking

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime created this teaching guide for secondary students to learn more about human trafficking and keep students and their peers safe. This guide includes videos and activities for students to understand better what human trafficking is and what impacts it has on our world today.

Reference from: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. (2019, July). Secondary Teaching Guide Human Trafficking. Retrieved July 12, 2022, from

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What is Human Trafficking?

This cartoon video simplifies what it means to be trafficked. It explains how the traffickers lure victims, how they take away their agency, and why they cannot escape. This video is suitable for older children, teens, and adults.

Reference from: YouTube. (2016). What is Human Trafficking? YouTube. Retrieved July 15, 2022, from

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Hidden America: Chilling New Look at Sex Trafficking in the US

ABC's Diane Sawyer reports on vulnerable young women lured into falling victim to sex trafficking showing real stories of survivors and families who have been exploited.

Reference from: YouTube. (2015). Hidden America: Chilling New Look at Sex Trafficking in the Us. YouTube. Retrieved July 15, 2022, from

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National Survivor Network

Survivor-led content.

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Advocating Opportunity

Webinar Archive

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Ohio Justice Policy Center

What does human trafficking look like? Blog post.

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