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Zoom is a video conferencing platform with several tools to allows users to host and run simple meetings or online classes.  Use the resources on this page to host your Zoom meetings successfully. 

Zoom is FERPA compliant, and can be HIPAA compliant.  If HIPAA compliance is needed, contact the IT Help Desk.

Want to test out your webcam, microphone, or just your internet connection?

Follow the link below to join a mock session with just yourself to test your equipment.

Zoom Test Call


Training Materials


Reference Guides

These documents will help you get the most out of Zoom.


Zoom in Canvas

Zoom has been added as an embedded tool within Canvas to help with the transition to alternate instruction. This tool allows you to deliver course content synchronously, or asynchronously, hold virtual office hours, and connect with students easily.

Zoom Video Tutorials

Need quick info on how to Zoom?  Check out these videos.

Zoom Video Tutorials


We have identified a few that may be useful when getting started with Zoom.


System Requirements

To have the best experience with Zoom, please ensure your computer meets the minimum requirements set by Zoom.

Minimum Requirements


Zoom Security


Zoom has recently risen to the forefront of the news with concerns for cybersecurity and privacy.  NKU wants to reassure our Zoom users that we have put controls in place to address these concerns. We advise our users to consider best practice measures to ensure security and privacy protection.

Zoom Security: Remote Teaching Myth vs. Reality

Zoom Security Profiles

Zoom Bombing

There is a default setting on Zoom that permits any meeting participant to share their screen. Meeting hosts should be aware that anyone who has the link to a public meeting can jump in, or "bomb" the meeting. These links are often shared on social media and are easy to find on public event pages.

Here are some reminders for using Zoom to host public events:

  • When you share your meeting link on social media or other public forums, your event becomes extremely public. Anyone with the link can join your meeting.
  • Avoid using your Personal Meeting ID (PMI) to host public events. Your PMI is basically one continuous meeting, and you don't want random people crashing your personal virtual space after the party's over.
  • Learn about meeting IDs and how to generate a random meeting ID (at the 0:27 mark) in this video tutorial.

Familiarize yourself with Zoom's settings and features so you understand how to protect your virtual space. For example, the Waiting Room is an exceedingly helpful feature, allowing hosts to control who comes and goes.



Virtual Backgrounds


Virtual Backgrounds allow you to display an image as your backround during a Zoom meeting.  We have created several NKU themed backgrounds that you can use in your meetings.

NKU Logo Backgrounds

Campus Buildings



Need help setting your background?

Virtual Backgrounds Help