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Box 1

Folder 1

Minutes of the Christopher Gist Historical Society, May 24, 1949 – April 27, 1954.

Folder 2

Minutes of the Christopher Gist Historical Society, May 24, 1949 – April 27, 1954. Duplicate copy

Folder 3

Minutes of the Christopher Gist Historical Society, June 22, 1954 – May 22, 1956.

Box 2

Folder 4

Minutes of the Christopher Gist Historical Society, January 1959 – June, 1962.

Folder 5

Minutes of the Christopher Gist Historical Society, September 1, 1962 – December 2, 1966. Also contains minutes of board meetings, receipts and correspondence related to the operations of the Gist Society.

Folder 6

Minutes of the Christopher Gist Historical Society, January 24, 1967 – June 26, 1973. Also contains minutes of board meetings, receipts and correspondence related to the operations of the Gist Society.

Box 3

"Gist of Things 1955-1962," Bound book of newsletters, w/ cardboard cover, title written on cover in black marker. Contains newsletters from Nov. 15, 1955 to June 26, 1962.

Folder 7

Contains loose editions of Society newsletter for the following dates:

  • February and June, 1964
  • February, March, April, June, September, October, November, December (Christmas edition) 1965
  • January, February, March, April, June 1966
  • November 1967
  • February, April, May, September, October, November 1968

Folder 8

Late News (Too late for Christmas Greetings), February 1966 (a personal newsletter with handwritten additions, dated 3/20, from Louise (no last name given)

Letter, May 10, 1967, from Myron A. Bailey, Sec'y to Mr. John Randall (on Gist Society letterhead, re: memorabilia received from estate of Miss Martha Agnes Randall)

Folder 9

Newsletter, "The Northern Kentucky Historian," June 15, 1966, Mildred Rose, editor. (Two copies, very worn)

Folder 10

Pamphlet, "Christopher Gist Historical Society Fundraising Dinner: Kentucky Colonel Night, Ft. Mitchell Country Club, Saturday, May 14, 1966, 7:00 P.M." (Program with menu and bio of speaker, Ione Robertson Holt)

Flyer, "Christopher Gist is having a fundraising dinner" (deteriorating)

Folder 11

"Paper read at meeting of The Christopher Gist Historical Society held Tuesday, July 28, 1953, at the William Behringer Memorial Museum, Devou Park, Covington, Kentucky, by Mr. Ellis Cummins Croawford, curator of the William Behringer Memorial Museum." (two copies, folded)

Folder 12

Newspaper article, "Rime & Reason," A.K. Roberts, The Cincinnati Enquirer, May 23, 1966.

Newspaper article, "Historical Society Gets Letter General Grant Wrote To His Father," (no author), The Cincinnati Enquirer, May 8, 1966.

Newspaper article, "Rime & Reason," A. K. Roberts, Cincinnati Post & Times-Star, December 8, 1965.

Newspaper article, "Covington Man Honored By Rite," (no author), Cincinnati Post & Times-Star, December 8, 1965.

Folder 13

Membership card, No. 106, for William A. Fitzgerald, 1965.

One page pamphlet for "Author's Night," with reservation deadline of March 4, no year listed.

Folder 14

Newspaper, The Boone County Recorder, July 27, 1967, w/ headline: "Petersburg Marker Unveiled Today." (5 copies)

Folder 15

Envelope addressed to: Mr. William Fitzgerald, Kentucky Historical Society, from C. F. Gleason, Ft. Wright, Ky. (postmarked Covington, KY, Mar. 21, 1968). Contains:

  1. Certificate of Membership, Madison Country (KY) Historical Society, Mr. Wm. Fitzgerald, 1968-1969
  2. Note, typed, Mrs. Clay Riggs ("Sorry you were unable to attend…")
  3. Letter, Chester F. Geaslen (Ft. Wright, KY) to William Fitzgerald (Frankfort, KY), March 21, 1968. Letter mentions evidence of CFA General Canty having been born in Boone Co, KY, and enclosed copy of story to be published in Cincinnati Enquirer.
  4. Rough draft (photocopy) of article, "A Belated Feather in the Cap of Kentucky's Boone County (And to the Glory of Greater Cincinnati)," Chester F. Geaslen (3 pgs)
  5. Note, handwritten. Further genealogical information on Issac Canty and birth of Gen. E.R.S. Canty at Pratt's Landing, 1817.

Envelope addressed to Mrs. William Fitzgerald, Florence, KY, from Mrs. C. L. Frazer (postmarked Independence, KY, Apr. 26, 1961). Contains:

  1. Note, Helen M. Frazer (Independence, KY) to Mrs. Fitzgerald. Mentions previous visit and further article contributions to (unnamed) society.
  2. Partial newspaper clipping, Wheeler McMillen, in Farm Journal, undated. (Write down memories while you can…)
  3. Church program, Independence Christian Church, April 23, 1961, with notes on prayer concerns and church events.
  4. Church program, Independence Christian Church, April 2, 1961. Similar contents as above.

Envelope addressed to Mr. William Fitzgerald, Florence, KY. Handwritten on exterior is note: "Mr. Kaserner, Photographs Inside." Contains:

  1. Photograph, tintype, in sleeve. Note on sleeve reads: "Dr. John Chambers in Courthouse Yard, Independence, Ky. This is original building which was torn down and replaced 1912."
  2. Photograph, man in suit wearing what appears to be a VFW hat. Note on reverse: "…ph Henry Klasserner"
  3. "When Uncle Goes Sparkin' in New Orleans He Dudes Up with Come-Here-to-Me Water," Don Lucien Burman, Cincinnati Post, undated (late 1940s?). (handwritten note: "of Covington, Kentucky."

Folded paper with handwritten note on exterior reading" "Type everything written on these on one sheet." Contains handwritten notes and two photographs (one by JW Krieg, Brighton Studios, Cincinnati, O; one of lady on a porch, with handwritten date of Dec. 27, 1870)

Ticket ("Good for one trip, J. D. Ellison, Sup't.")

Business card, Oregon Genealogical Society, undated.

Folder 16

Newspaper article, "Northern Kentucky Doctor," no author, publisher or date.

Newspaper article, words to "Take Me Back to Old Kentucky," no author, publisher or date.

Newspaper article. Obverse: Photo of Sergt. Robert L. Chalfant; Reverse: "Today In Battle," no author, publisher, or date (United Press wire article, poss. From WWI era.)

Box 4 - Christopher Gist Historical Society Papers, 1949-1955

Contains copies of papers prepared and presented by members of the Christopher Gist Historical Society, as monthly society meetings.

Folder 17

23 August 1949 Weakley, Mrs. C.S. "The Captivity and Escape of Mrs. Mary Inglis in 1756."

22 November 1949 Ware, Orie "The Western Baptist Theological Institute in Covington, Kentucky."

27 December 1949 Culbertson, Helen R. "The Covington-Cincinnati Suspension Bridge."

Folder 18

24 January 1950 Hardin, Bayless "The Origin, Thought and Purpose of the Kentucky Historical Society."

28 February 1950 Wilson, Prentice Clay "The Evolution of Kentucky Counties."

25 April 1950 Laidley, Miss Mary "Old Records and a Famous Explorer."

23 May 1950 Adams, Charles S. "General Leonard Covington."

27 June 1950 Kingsbury, Gilbert "Covington in the War Between the States."

Folder 19

25 July 1950 Reynolds, Charles "The Medical Fraternity."

22 August 1950 Blakely, Stephens L. "A Kentucky Tragedy."

26 September 1950 Harrison, W. Baxter "Some Famous Springs of Kentucky."

24 October 1950 Hutchinson, Ada "Some Old Homes in Campbell County."

5 December 1950 Strategier, William H. "The History of the Railroads inKentucky: 1830 - 1860."

Folder 20

23 January 1951 Blakely, John R. "Early Civil War Days in Covington and Northern Kentucky."

27 February 1951 Layne, Nora Gex "Kentucky State Parks."

21 March 1951 Shonert, Warren J. "The British Invasion of Kentucky."

24 April 1951 Kampsen, Rev. Leo G. "German Immigration to Covington."

22 May 1951 Kinser, Sue S. "Early Churches in Covington."

26 June 1951 Tate, Robert S. "John G. Carlisle - Truly a Mental Giant."

25 September 1951 Parker, Anna V. "Lewis Sanders of Grass Hills."

Folder 21

22 January 1952 Ware, Orie S. "We Look Back, or A History of the Kenton County Bar Association."

26 February 1952 Wilson, Prentice Clay "The Viking Spirit and Kentuckians."

22 April 1952 O'Neal, William B. "The Stagecoach Comes to Northern Kentucky."

27 May 1952 Blakely, Margaret "The Piatts of Kentucky."

Folder 22

22 July 1952 Fitzgerald, William Albert "Newport, Kentucky, at the Age of Seventy"

23 September, 1952 Talbert, Charles G., Ph D. "Kentucky Invades Ohio -- 1779." (w/ photo)

28 October 1952 Truesdell, C. B. "Early Turnpikes Which Led To and From the Newport-Covington Area."

25 November 1952 Kampsen, Rev. Leo George "Old St. John's Church."

27 November 1952 Culbertson, Helen R. "Some Manly-Stevenson Papers."

Folder 23

27 January 1953 Adams, Charles S. "Old Covington Cemeteries."

24 February 1953 Kingsbury, Gilbert W. "Names of Kentucky Towns."

3 March 1953 Truesdell, Charles B. "The Evolution of the Postal-Service in the Tri-City Post Offices of Cincinnati, Ohio, Newport and Covington, Kentucky."

24 March 1953 McKenna, Miss Eleanor C. "Covington's Art Treasure."

27 October 1953 Finch, Glenn "Floating Palaces of the Ohio River."

Folder 24

26 January 1954 Weakley, Mrs. Calvin S. "A Drive Out the Madison Pike."

23 February 1954 Fitzgerald, William A. "The German Colony of Virginia, Founded in 1714, Whose Descendants Settled in Boone County, Kentucky."

27 April 1954 Layne, Nora G. "A History of the Fort Mitchell Country Club."

22 June 1954 Runner, Mrs. A. E. "Gateway to the South."

27 July 1954 Unknown "The Covington (KY) Centennial of 1914."

24 August 1954 Dorsey, Robert C. "Thomas Kennedy, Founder of Covington, Kentucky."

26 October 1954 Hicks, Irle R. "Covingtona, Queen of the Licking, Part 1" (handwritten note on photocopy: "Published, read Oct. 1954, volume 6"

Folder 25

23 August 1955 Shonert, Genevieve H. "A Page of Unwritten History."

25 October 1955 Warnick, Betty "Reflections on Recollections 1842 - 1859."

27 December 1955 Crawford, Ellis Cummins "The Rogers Site of Boone County, Kentucky."

Folder 26

25 July 1950 Charles W. Reynolds "The Medical Fraternity." Two (2) copies. Copy 1 is typed on vellum, stapled to cardboard backing, 3 hole punched. Copy 2 is typed on vellum, loose sheets, w/ corrections and pagination notes.

Box 5 - Christopher Gist Historical Society Papers, 1956-1964

Contains copies of papers prepared and presented by members of the Christopher Gist Historical Society, as monthly society meetings.

Folder 27

24 January 1956 Roth, George F. "Historic Homes of Covington, Kentucky."

28 February 1956 McKenna, Eleanor "History of Our Lady of La Salette Academy -- 1856 - 1956."

28 February 1956 Reuscher, Mrs. Vincent "A Glimpse at Newport, (Ky.) in 1875."

25 September 1956 Parry, Roger William "John Hunt Morgan -- Gentleman and General." (w/ notes on Mr. Parry's acknowlegements and introduction)

22 October 1956 Gray, Gypsy M. "The History of Gallatin County." (5 chapters and bibliography, p. 104-142)

27 October 1960 Hartman, Margaret Strebel "A Glimpse of Newport 1839-40."

Folder 28

26 February 1957 Hunnicutt, Judge John M. "The History of the City of Ludlow, Kentucky."

26 March 1957 Kingsbury, Gilbert W. "A Confederate Leader, General George B. Hodge."

28 May 1957 Hinds, Charles F. "History, Research and Communication."

Folder 29

25 June 1957 Poweleit, Alvin Charles, MD. "The Kenton-Campbell Area of Kentucky -- Its Medical History and Society -- The Campbell-Kenton Medical Society."

28 July 1957 Reusher, Mrs. Vincent "History of Saint Joseph Orphanage, Cold Spring, Kentucky."

26 November 1957 Hicks, Irle R. "Adventures of Colonel Daniel Boone: Written by Himself."

17 December 1957 Kingsbury, Gilbert W. "Christmas in Northern Kentucky Seventy-Five Years Ago."

Folder 30

23 September 1958 Kingsbury, Gilbert "A Brief History of the Covington Y.M.C.A."

28 October 1958 McLaughlin, Charles J. "Art in Northern Kentucky."

Folder 31

28 April 1959 Tate, Robert S. "Flood, Flame, Fury and No Fiction."

26 May 1959 Kingsbury, Gilbert A. "Thomas Henry Hines, The Confederate Agent."

23 June 1959 Kingsbury, Gilbert "Green Clay Smith, Politician, Preacher, Soldier."

27 October 1959 Bailey, Myron A. "The Linden Grove Cemetery."

24 November 1959 Hicks, Irle R. "The Industrial Club of Covington, Kentucky."

Folder 32

24 January 1961 Koch, Herbert F. "Cincinnati in the Civil War."

28 February 1961 McClain, Ross C. "A History of the Covington Park Association."

25 April 1961 Kingsbury, Gilbert "The Life of Jesse Bright, Man Behind the Scenes."

23 May 1961 Carroll, Mrs. Robert de Valcourt "Elizabeth Pretlow Prague Carroll." (Note: Folder 88 indicates article was read/authored by Vera Ruischer.)

24 October 1961 Lange, Ed "The Liberty Cherry & Fruit Co., Inc. of Covington, Kentucky."

28 November 1961 Williams, Rev. Edwin T. "The Chimes of Trinity."

Folder 33

23 January 1962 Miller, J. H. "Natural Gas: Some of the History of the C. G. & E. Co."

27 February 1962 Roth, George "Some Interesting Iron Work in Our Region."

27 March 1962 Culbertson, Mrs. Ben "Recollections of Maria Southgate Hawes." (condensed)

25 September 1962 Lamb, Alva, Avis & Helen "Data Relative to Historical Homes in Kenton, Campbell and Boone Counties, Kentucky, to accompany slides."

23 October 1962 Beach, June "Alexander Davezac."

18 December 1962 Farney, Anna Marie "High Lights in the History of The Covington Trust and Banking Company."

Folder 34

22 January 1963 Bailey, Myron A. "Early Churches in Kenton County."

24 September 1963 Caywood, James A. "Some Noted Educators from Northern Kentucky."

26 November 1963 Herring, George Elizabeth "An Article Upon the Life of John R. Coppin, prepared by his daughter, George Elizabeth Herring."

Folder 35

25 February 1964 McClain, Ross C. "The Jewel of the Cumberlands: A Condensed History of Berea College."

24 March 1964 Jordan, Mrs. Robert "Christopher Gist -- His Ancestors and Descendants."

26 May 1964 Gray, Gypsy M. "The Garden of Hope and A Brief Biography of the Life of Morris Harold Coers."

23 June 1964 Brogan, Edyth "The Listening Post."

27 October 1964 Talbert, Dr. Charles G. "The University of Kentucky."