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Box 1 - Paul Westerfield writings

Folder 1

1975 - TD - "Migration of a Pioneer Family" The story of Westerfield ancestors from 1776 to the present.

Folder 2

1975 - TD - "Sweet Nellie" Short story about the family moving from western Kentucky to Illinois in the early 1920's. Talks about their daily life, surviving a tornado, and Nellie, their horse, who is part of the family.

Folder 3

1976 - TD - "The Murder Trial", part of the Tales of Ontario and Little Egypt Episodes. Story of a murder in the Little Egypt area of southern Illinois.

Folder 4

1976 - TD - "Mortgage Lending - Egyptian Style", part of the Tales of Ontario and Little Egypt Episodes. Story about working for a mortgage company and people losing their homes for lack of work in the mines.

Folder 5

1976 - TD - "A Case of Divorce", part of the Tales of Ontario and Little Egypt Episodes. Story about a sensational divorce trial.

Folder 6

1976 - TD - "How Much For a Stolen Car", part of the Tales of Ontario and Little Egypt Episodes. Story about stolen cars and dealing with the insurance company.

Folder 7

1976 - TD - "The Way of the Trespasser" Short story about quail hunting.

Folder 8

1976 - TD - "Corinne and Rory" Short story about friends trying to decide how to convince Corinne not to marry Rory because he is no good.

Folder 9

1977 - TD - "The Fugitive" Short story about gang warfare in Little Egypt.

Folder 10

1978 - TD - "When the Law Died" Short story about strikebreakers being killed by union coal miners and the far reaching effects such as lawlessness and vice.

Folder 11

1978 - TD - "Tales of Ontario and Little Egypt Episodes". Listing of story titles in this series.

Folder 12

4 October 1984 - TD - Reader report reviewing the merits of various Westerfield manuscripts.


1969/70 - Book - Press clippings 1969-1970; National League of Insured Savings Associations. Clippings deal with inflation and effect on mortgage market.

1944 - Book - Manual of Office Administration written by C. H. Ellingson and Paul Westerfield. Handbook for management of a savings and loan.

Box 2 - Audio recordings

Recordings are of Paul Westerfield reading his stories and poems.

  • Two reel-to-reel 7-inch audio tapes
  • Two CD copies of reel-to-reel audio tapes

Box 3

Folder 13

1910-1912 - Miscellaneous photographs, mostly of a Boy Scout camp and the What Not General store; handwritten page about the same store.

Folder 14

14 June 1958 - TD - Interview with Thomas James Dods [Kansas City, MO] while visiting in Covington. Reminisces about growing up in the Hathaway House (a possible Underground Railroad station) at 1210 Highway Ave.

Folder 15

1970 - Miscellaneous writings of Paul Westerfield

Folder 16

1970 - TD - Several copies of Paul Westerfield's poem, "September Morning"; some with handwritten notes.

Folder 17

August 1970 - Scripps-Howard News; newsletter reporting various awards and honors within the organization. Features Betty Donovan Rentrop on the cover.

Folder 18

1972-1974 - Various newspaper clippings from the Cincinnati Post; mostly military news, wedding announcements for Paul Westerfield and Betty Rentrop and columns by Betty Rentrop.

Folder 19

1975/77 - TD - Miscellaneous speeches given by Paul Westerfield to various savings and loans organizations.

Folder 20

16 May 1980 - TD - Resolution honoring Paul Westerfield in his retirement as President of Kenton Realty Company.

Folder 21

n.d. - Various color photographs of a campfire and a lake.

Box 4

Unbound manuscript by Paul Westerfield: Recast of "Pioneer Point"" (copy 1)

Box 5

Unbound manuscript by Paul Westerfield: Recast of "Pioneer Point"" (copy 2)

Box 6

Unbound manuscripts by Betty Westerfield: Vietnam Woman and Jack Lakeland - The King

Box 7 - Betty Westerfield writings

Folder 22

16 October 1984 - TD - "The Sleeping Giant" An account of massive earthquakes that hit New Madrid, MO in 1811 and 1812. Dr. Daniel Drake was involved in studying and reporting the quake phenomena.

Folder 23

n.d. - TD - "The Quivering Earth" The possibility of earthquakes hitting the Northern Kentucky area is discussed in relation to the 1811 quake in New Madrid, MO and the geological findings of Dr. Daniel Drake.

Box 8 - Memorabilia

Three plaques honoring Paul Westerfield as president of the National League of Insured Associations.

Black and white framed photo of Paul Westerfield

Box 9

Esquire magazines dated February, June and July 1937