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Box 1

9 August 1974 - New York Times newspaper. Headline, "Nixon Resigns".

27 December 2000 - Poster WNOP Farewell with signed mat. Signees include: Greg Wilson, Jeff Shire (WNOP staff), Louis "Hucklebuck" Ware, Chris Arrington, Deborah Locke, Patrick Kelly, Gary Keegan (WNOP staff), Thomas Lomax, Bruce Dunworth, Phil Anson (WNOP staff), Anita Green-Wells, Mark Stevens (WNOP staff), Melvin Broach, Jim Planky (WNOP staff), Fran Lomax, Dan Strunk (WNOP staff), Titus Chappell, Khalid Moss, and Dave Warford (WNOP staff)

n.d. - WNOP black and white photo of Jazz Ark at night with double exposed saxophone. Photo is 8x10 with white matting and framed in a silver-tone 16x20 frame.

Box 2

Station-built remote box for broadcast from local nightclubs. It is silver in color with a brown electrical cord. A silver-toned microphone is also included with four wooden logo blocks.

Box 3

1960's - Dynamic microphone used for WNOP remote broadcasts

1997 - Shirt created by staff member while riding in two day Heart Association Fundraiser WNOP bike jersey

1999 - Black staff shirt with color Real Jazz logo

2000 - Shirt with station's final logo from fall of 2000 with Real Jazz 740 T

2000 - Staff polo shirt from summer of 2000 Real Jazz 740 Polo

2000 - Black dress shirt for staff - Spring of 2000

September 2000 - Two white goodie bags created for promotion at Covington (KY) Oktoberfest.

31 December 2000 - Shirt created to commemorate end of WNOP as jazz broadcaster. "Day the Music Died".

n.d. - 1960's shirt created with catch phrase from Jack Sheldon comedy sketch. "How's Your Bird?"

n.d. - Manilla envelope with lists of music and archival material contained within this collection. Marked envelope "one".

n.d. - Manilla envelope with several sheets of paper titled "Last Trumpet Band". The sheets have a stamp that reads Razzled Music of 1928 Washburn Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45223. Papers appear be titles of songs and their lyrics. Envelope marked "One True Love Erata".

n.d. - Memorex compact disc- CD-R titled WNOP Archive Project. Music inventory, artifact inventory.

Commercial compact discs:

Aloisio, April. Close Your Eyes. Produced by AloisioMusic.

Barone, Steve. Queen City Reunion featuring Mike Sharfe and Randy Winters. Produced by Steve Barone, 1999.

Blue Wisp Big Band. Butterfly and the Smooth One. Produced by Sea Breeze Record Company, 1995.

Blue Wisp Big Band. A Night at the Wisp. Produced by Sea Breeze Record Company, 2003.

Blue Wisp Big Band. Rollin' with Von Ohlen and Live at Carmelo's. Produced by Sea Breeze Record Company, 1996.

Blue Wisp Big Band. 20th Anniversary. Produced by Sea Breeze Record Company.

Bugsy. What it was. Produced by Michael Sharfe at Mobile d.a.t digital recording, 2001.

Caffie, Bill. Leaving This Ol' Town. Produced by Son Boy Records, 2002.

Cashwell, Brian. Pure Imagination. Recorded at Lausche Recording Studios, Cincinnati.

Cincinnati's Premier Jazz Pianists. 82hundred brill. 2003.

Cohesion Jazz Ensemble. A Journey's Quest. Produced by Red Mark Records.

Fields, Marc. Salutaris Plates. Published by Marell Music, 2004.

Gallaher, Brent. Vanessa's Song. Recorded at LRS Recording Studio, 2003.

Gore, Art. Artwork. Produced by Argo Productions, 1999.

Kelly, Patrick. Reactivation. Patrick Kelly and the PsychoAcoustic Orchestra, 1995.

Kelly, Patrick. Supreme Thing. Patrick Kelly and the PsychoAcoustic Orchestra, 1994.

Last Trumpet Band. One True Love. Produced by Razzled Music BMI, 2004.

Locke, Deborah. For the Love of It. Produced in Cincinnati, Ohio, 1998.

Locke, Deborah. Second Take. Cincinnati, Ohio, 2000.

Moss, Ed. Original Emanon Trio-- Live at the Blue Wisp. Produced by Viscosity Records, 1996.

Moss, Ed. Ed Moss' Society Jazz Orchestra. Live at the Blue Wisp. Silver Anniversary 1978-2003. Produced by Mike Sharfe, 2003.

Pavilion Music Company. Marcus Ware Memorial Performance September 12, 2004. Volumes 1 & 2. Rob Mulhauser leading and Field recording by Mark Schlachter. Contains 2 compact discs.

Ross, Pam and Ed Moss. Pam Ross & Ed Moss with special guest, Bob Bodley. Produced by Ed Moss, 2002.

Ross, Pam and Ed Moss. Do Nothing Till You Hear from Me. Produced and arranged by Ed Moss, 2004.

Standard Time Quintet. Be Truthful. Recorded by Jim Krause. Mastered by Mike Sharff and Manufactured and printed by Disc Makers.

Wade, Kathy. You Got the Magic. Produced by Bill Cunliffe, 2001.

WNOP Farewell Gala. Live from the Catacombs. Produced by Ersatz Enterprises, 2001. Compilation of multiple artists and songs.