• Driving Success

    Driving Success

    Northern Kentucky University graduates Jeff Neises (’95) and Jared Frisk (‘96, ‘07) met in 1989 when both responded to an ad for a valet position at the Montgomery Inn Boathouse. This inauspicious meeting in a parking lot along the Ohio River started an unexpected adventure that took the pair to some of the nation’s top sporting events. How? The friendship led to a successful business that, over two decades later, the partners own and operate with pride.

  • The Bridge Between Science and Practice

    The Bridge Between Science and Practice

    How does a small-town girl from Oregon, Ohio, end up working for two of the most well-known companies in the world and on a “Women to Watch in Tech in 2017” list? Just ask Tiffany Poeppelman (’10), whose work as an internal consultant to LinkedIn’s sales team in London, lies at the intersection of psychology and technology.

  • Rally at the Capitol

    Rally at the Capitol

    On Tuesday, Feb. 12, 35 NKU students rode a southbound bus to the state capitol building in Frankfort, Kentucky, to rally for higher education. The activity, which was organized by SGA, saw students publicly advocating fair funding for the state’s public universities in general and NKU specifically. The students met with 14 legislators as they lobbied on behalf of the university and its contribution to the state’s prosperity and well-being.

  • Improv is Life

    Improv is Life

    They say that laughter is the best medicine, but is this really true? Elizabeth “E.B.” Byland thinks so—and she’s sharing her own love of humor with people she believes could use an extra chuckle or two.

  • Purpose Over Passion

    Purpose Over Passion

    Just reading Adaora Mbelu-Dania’s (‘08) resume is enough to tire most of us. She launched her first entrepreneurial endeavor at age 16, a magazine produced in her home country of Nigeria that celebrated the work of Africans in the diaspora.

  • Umi Visits the HIC

    Umi Visits the HIC

    When Umi passed away at the tragic age of around 5 years old, his parents couldn't have known that the young Egyptian would, some 2,000 years later, make news in a Kentucky university.

  • Outside In

    Outside In

    Nearly obscured by trees and a sloping hill, a nature trail runs a snaky path through the prairie behind Honors College. The area, full of weeds and tall grass, runs along the university’s southern edge and on any given day, it’s a lonely space, unknown to much of the Northern Kentucky University community. But a recent mural inspired by the nature trail aims to bring this outside secret in—and give the unsung space prime real estate in NKU’s new, and very high-traffic, Health Innovation Center (HIC).

  • Urban Legends, Rumors, Myths & Misunderstandings

    Urban Legends, Rumors, Myths & Misunderstandings

    Are the Lucas Administrative Center elevators haunted? Is a lost secretary wandering the tunnels beneath campus? Was NKU's original mascot too scary for children? Find out in this special NKU Magazine story.

  • Home Plate to Pole Position

    Home Plate to Pole Position

    When you’re the offspring of a well-known sportscaster, growing up around professional athletics, your life options boil down to two equal but opposite reactions: run as far away from sports as possible or lean into the call buried in your genes. For Ashley Brennaman Shirley (‘05), youngest daughter of Cincinnati Reds baseball radio announcer Marty Brennaman, there was never any uncertainty—she planned to get in the game from an early age.

  • Nate's Nation

    Nate's Nation

    Another hot summer day is drawing to a close, and the barn’s shadow stretches long and lazy over an open field. Young Nate Jones of Pendleton County, Kentucky, and his siblings spent the day playing baseball on this small piece of land, and he’s not ready to head in for the evening—he’s always ready for another pitch, another swing. Another game.