• Gone Greece

    Gone Greece

    Our guest contributor shares a day in the life of a study abroad student.

  • Student Spotlight: Chinedu Asinugo

    Student Spotlight: Chinedu Asinugo

    "I chose NKU because out of the 30 universities I applied to, the university offered me the best scholarship to attend. I came to NKU for the money, but the people kept me here. The NKU community is such a welcoming family. "

  • Dear Dave

    Dear Dave

    Dave Waite uses an NKU geography degree in his stand-up comedy career. How, you ask? Check out his "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" set to see for yourself. Oh, and while you're online, please visit Waite's Instagram account—he's trying to get more views.

  • Brewing Up Success

    Brewing Up Success

    For Paul Kemp, good beer is serious business.

  • Student Spotlight: Claire Poling

    Student Spotlight: Claire Poling

    "I chose NKU for the class sizes and the wide variety of majors to choose from. Many of my classes are large enough to have a true college feel but small enough that my professors know my name. NKU is also big enough to have many different majors, so I knew I’d be able to find the right one for me. I have stayed at NKU because it is a perfect medium size, so it has the advantages of big schools as well as small schools."

  • A Numbers Game

    A Numbers Game

    Data science major Christian Hook is a one-man baseball analytics program.

  • Evolve Your Passion

    Evolve Your Passion

    Young Koepke enjoys the fine art of market research.

  • Student Spotlight: Sierra Newton

    Student Spotlight: Sierra Newton

    "My favorite NKU memory is being the 2018 Homecoming Princess. Being nominated by my peers meant so much to me, and being able to represent the Norse is a memory I will treasure forever."

  • Beyond Belief

    Beyond Belief

    Two friends created and host an out-of-this world podcast for Ripley's Believe It or Not!

  • Student Spotlight: Arah Samuels

    Student Spotlight: Arah Samuels

    "I love this university. When I selected a college, NKU was the only one that I applied to and found everything I was asking for. This college has given me the opportunity to represent myself and others in so many ways. I am a role model to young, black women and wear that badge with honor and pride."