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Student Spotlight: Jasmyn Browder

Student Spotlight: Jasmyn Browder

By Trey Crumbie | Photography by Scott Beseler | Published June 2021
Jasmyn Browder

Name: Jasmyn Browder
Hometown: Stoutsville, Ohio
Major: History and secondary education
Year in college: Junior

Tell me about life pre-NKU. Where did you grow up?
I born in Columbus, Ohio and grew up in the city until right before I started high school and me and my dad moved in with my stepmom about 45 minutes away in Stoutsville, Ohio My mom is from the Covington, Kentucky area so I would come and visit every other weekend and during the summer.

Why did you choose NKU? What kept you here?
Honestly, I chose NKU because they gave me the most money which I needed if I was going to be able to go to college. However, I have stayed at NKU because I have made amazing friends and have created so many bonds with the faculty and staff.

Can you tell me a little about what you're studying?
I recently changed my major from elementary education to secondary education social studies and have decided to add a history major as well. Right now I am mainly focusing on my social studies and history content before continuing my education courses next spring.

Describe NKU in one word.

What has been your favorite class?
I’ll be honest I don’t remember a lot of my classes especially since I am getting ready to start my fourth year, but I will be an orientation leader for the second time this summer and I must say that would be my favorite class. We get to talk about so many different topics but still have fun and joke around with each other.

Where is your favorite spot on campus? What makes that spot so special?
My favorite spot in campus would probably be the Student Union because even when it is busy and full of people there are tables for you to sit and socialize with friends. You are bound to see multiple people you know and there is always something going on right outside the doors which just makes the atmosphere so much better.

Where’s the best place to study on campus and why?
For me the best place to study on campus is the library because there are places where you can study alone or with friends and depending on your day and mood you can choose if you want to be on a quiet floor or one of the busier ones.

What is your greatest passion?
My greatest passion is helping people and when I become a teacher, I hope to do that by giving my students the knowledge to control their lives in any way they want and to be able to stand up for themselves and make their own choices.

What’s a favorite NKU memory you’ll never forget?
A favorite NKU memory I’ll never forget actually at this moment probably doesn’t seem that rememberable, but I’ve been using it a lot recently. It would be walking out of class one day to find a Kona ice truck parked on the plaza giving out free snow cones. I believe this was my first or second semester on campus and I was just so surprised by but it made me happy and I could see how many other students were happy as well on the way to their next class.

What is your favorite way to spend your free time?
My favorite way to spend my free time is catching up on any shows I may be watching (which is usually a few at a time). I also like to hang out with my friends when possible or do some online shopping.

Who’s your favorite professor (or staff member)? Why?
My favorite professor would have to be Britta Gibson because she is literally a ray of sunshine and you know that you could go to her with anything, and she would do everything in her power to try and help you.

How do you stay focused?
With being back at home because of COVID-19 and having all of my classes online, I do at times find it really hard to focus so I usually have to put my phone away somewhere so that can’t see it or hear it. I also will try to plan out when I will do certain homework and write it down to try and keep myself accountable.

What advice would you give to other students?
Some advice I have is to get involved while in college as it’s a great way to meet new people and create connections. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you are struggling as it happens to so many and there are so many people willing to help you.

What has been your most challenging academic experience so far? Why?
My most challenging academic experience so far has been with one of my math classes as I was really struggling along with my peers to understand the material. We were all struggling so we couldn’t really help each other. I ended up having to go to another teacher that I had previously to help me understand the material so I could pass the class.

What are you most looking forward to after graduation?
After graduation I am looking forward to starting my career and getting to travel abroad as I would eventually like to teach abroad full time.

What kind of job would you like to have after you graduate?
After I graduate, I am looking to teach abroad either right away or after a few years of gaining some experience.

What does getting your degree mean to you?
Getting a degree is very important to me as it has always been stressed in my house to get your education if you can especially since neither one of my parents got a degree. My two older sisters were the first in my family to get through college and I have always wanted to follow in their footsteps.

What are a few things every NKU student should do here before they graduate?
A few things every NKU students should do before they graduate is participate in homecoming and the activities going on including the step show. They should actively participate in Victorfest as you get so many free things and have the opportunity to learn about so many different organizations.

Tell me anything else about yourself and/or NKU that you want folks to know.
Something I want people to know about NKU is that even through all of the recent struggles, I have found people that are fighting back for us and are willing to do what is needed in order for their voice to be heard. There are students and faculty here that are ready to make a change and I think the majority of the students that go here are ready to see a change.