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"Getting my degree means that I have completed my one of my biggest goals and can finally become a teacher. With my degree, I will be able to create a fun and safe place for my students as well as be a leader for them."

By Trey Crumbie | Photography by Scott Beseler | Published May 2021

NAME: Melanie Weyer
HOMETOWN: Fort Thomas, Kentucky
MAJOR: Elementary education

Tell me about life pre-NKU. Where did you grow up? Why did you choose NKU? What kept you here?
I have always lived in Fort Thomas, Kentucky. I went to Highlands and Newport Central Catholic. I picked Northern Kentucky University because it was close, my cheapest option, I could still stay at home and be around my family.

Can you tell me a little about what you're studying? Describe NKU in one word.
I am an elementary education major and hoping to get my master’s in special education after I get my degree. If I had to describe NKU in one word it would be inspiring. I would pick inspiring because the professors here have inspired me to keep going and to accomplish many things.

What has been your favorite class?
My favorite class would either be integrated science with Reuben Bullard or probability and statistics with elementary education applications with Mary Lee Glore. It would be a tough decision because both of these professors made these classes stand out. They aren’t my favorite because of what we learned; they are my favorite because the way the professors went about the class. They have been the most supportive and upbeat professors. They truly care about their students and want to help them succeed as much as they can.

Where is your favorite spot on campus? What makes that spot so special?
My favorite spot-on campus would probably be the Student Union. Even though there aren’t many students on campus currently, you can usually find someone to chat with or have a nice spot to get some work done. I really like the SU because that is where I found some of my friends that will be forever friends.

Where’s the best place to study on campus and why?
My favorite study spot-on campus would have to be Griffin Hall. I have two spots I really enjoy in Griffin; the first would be the second-floor study room and the second place would be the fifth floor right outside of the elevator. There is a big booth with chairs and lots of seating. These are my two favorite spots because my friends and I can sit there and get a lot of work done or can sit and chat. There aren’t too many people that tend to go to these spots, so they are usually free!

What is your greatest passion?
My greatest passion would be helping people. Doesn’t matter the age, the situation, if they are an enemy or a friend. I will do all that I can to help anyone and everyone.

What is your favorite way to spend your free time?
My favorite way to spend my free time would be with my family or friends. I am a big people person, so I love to always try to surround myself with people that help better myself. Some of my favorite things to do would be have movie nights, outside adventures, crafting, fires, bowling/other fun games like that and game nights.

Who’s your favorite professor (or staff member)? Why?
Mary Lee Glore is my favorite professor. I took her stats class and was close to failing at the beginning. She was always positive and had a lot of confidence in me. I could go to her for help and she would always go above and beyond to explain whatever I needed. Professor Glore was one of those professors I could have conversations with beyond the class, she was a professor I can go to for advice and to help build my confidence. If I get the chance to have her again as a professor there is no doubt in my mind, I will take her course in a heartbeat.

How do you stay focused?
Staying focused is something that I struggle with, especially with everything being online. The best trick that I have found was to reward yourself. After you complete an assignment or take some notes, give yourself a break. This could be anything; watching a TV show, getting a snack, looking at social media and so on. This allows you to get work done and try to keep the distractions aside because you know that you are giving yourself time for that later!

What advice would you give to other students?
College is a fresh start, come with an open mind. You can do anything!

What has been your most challenging academic experience so far? Why?
The most challenging academic experience for me so far was starting college during a pandemic. I felt like I had no closure in high school. We missed the last few months of high school, we didn’t get to do all of the fun senior activities, my graduation was virtual and we didn’t have graduation parties. Honestly, it still feels like I didn’t finish high school. Another reason starting college during a pandemic is so challenging is because I went from all in person learning (preschool to almost the end of senior year) to online teaching myself. I am not a very good online learner. I am more visual hands-on type of learner. So, this transition with harder content wasn’t the easiest for me. Not only is the online part hard, but the professors continuously telling us about the fun things in their courses we are missing, all events being online and a bare campus is just as difficult. It is very hard to stay motivated and keep pushing when you miss out on so much!

What are you most looking forward to after graduation?
I have a few years until graduation, but what I am most looking forward to would be to hopefully get my own classroom where I can create a safe environment for my students. I cannot wait to be a teacher and help other students grow and push themselves to be the best versions of themselves.

What kind of job would you like to have after you graduate?
After I graduate, I hope to have a job in an elementary school, I would prefer to teach second grade but I would also be fine with first and third grade as well. I do not really care what school I get a job at, as long as I will be able to get in there and start teaching!

What does get your degree mean to you?
Getting my degree means so much more than graduating college and moving onto the real world with my big girl job. Getting my degree means that I have completed my one of my biggest goals and can finally become a teacher. With my degree, I will be able to create a fun and safe place for my students as well as be a leader for them. I will set the best example I can and be a big support system for all my students.

What are a few things every NKU student should do here before they graduate?
Get involved, do not be afraid to be vulnerable and put yourself out there.

Tell me anything else about yourself and/or NKU that you want folks to know.
I am a very introverted person. I am not one that is usually my loud crazy self until I get to know the person and feel comfortable with them. I didn’t let that get in the way when I started college, I took this as a fresh start. I am currently in my second semester at NKU and am in Supported Higher Education Project mentoring, orientation leader, victor guide, Kappa Delta, on council for Kappa Delta, a part of sisterhood for Kappa Delta and I just interviewed for Norse Leadership Society. High school Melanie would have never even