• The Real McCoy

    The Real McCoy

    Actress and musician Annalyse McCoy can say she’s been a lot of things in her time on earth, from rooftop landscaper in New York City to international performer.

  • Lost Henry

    Lost Henry

    Let’s hit “REWIND” for a second. The sound: sustained guitar chords, nasally vocals, an occasional scream ripping through everything.

  • Art in the Age of Social Media

    Art in the Age of Social Media

    Any time one of us responds to a social media post, the action creates a potential dopamine release in the brain of the poster, a short-term feedback loop not dissimilar to the pleasure felt when biting into a piece of cheesecake or completing a brisk run.

  • Improv is Life

    Improv is Life

    They say that laughter is the best medicine, but is this really true? Elizabeth “E.B.” Byland thinks so—and she’s sharing her own love of humor with people she believes could use an extra chuckle or two.

  • Outside In

    Outside In

    Nearly obscured by trees and a sloping hill, a nature trail runs a snaky path through the prairie behind Honors College. The area, full of weeds and tall grass, runs along the university’s southern edge and on any given day, it’s a lonely space, unknown to much of the Northern Kentucky University community. But a recent mural inspired by the nature trail aims to bring this outside secret in—and give the unsung space prime real estate in NKU’s new, and very high-traffic, Health Innovation Center (HIC).

  • NKU Magazine Spring-Summer 2018

    NKU Magazine Spring-Summer 2018

    Warm weather is here, and so is the Spring-Summer issue of NKU Magazine. This issue's cover feature introduces readers to NKU's sixth president, Dr. Ashish Vaidya—born and raised across various parts of India, Vaidya made his way to the California during his own university years. From grad student to economics professor to administrator, Vaidya’s path to the presidency has been driven by a desire to tackle tough challenges. This summer, he arrives at NKU to begin the adventure of leading the university into its bright future.

  • Pilot Season

    Pilot Season

    “Veronica Mars.” “The Simpsons.” “Ally McBeal.” “Malcolm in the Middle.” “The X-Files.” Do you see the connection between these TV shows? Probably not, but Maggie Murphy certainly does—she developed and produced them. With a career in production and television development that spans more than 25 years, she has had a hand in developing and shepherding dozens of titles onto major television networks.

  • Summerfair Emerging Artist: Megan Doebrich

    Summerfair Emerging Artist: Megan Doebrich

    Megan Doebrich recently won first place at the the Summerfair Cincinnati Emerging Artists Exhibition, and NKU Magazine got the chance to sit down with her.

  • Game Plan

    Game Plan

    One look into Dr. Lex Pulos’s office instantly reveals a passion for board games. From Diplomacy to a framed Monopoly board, board games collected over the years fill the tops of his shelves. Each game has taught him something about the world and the meaning of humanity. Not just a way to spice up his office, this collection is a part of the man himself.

  • NKU Magazine Fall-Winter 17-18

    NKU Magazine Fall-Winter 17-18

    The Fall/Winter 2017-18 issue of NKU Magazine features a look back at the people, places and things that made NKU’s first half-century “The Big 50.” And, looking to what’s ahead for the university, we introduce you to NKU’s new, incoming president, Dr. Ashish Vaidya, who ponders identity in the modern age, discusses the need for collaborative vision-development moving forward and tosses up an enthusiastic set of horns for his inaugural "Norse Up.”