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  • Mr. Independence

    Mr. Independence

    Warren Richardson has been many things in his lifetime—machine operator, super stock car owner and driver, musician, farmer and businessman. But, to most people, he’s just Mr. Independence.

  • Seizing the Dream

    Seizing the Dream

    When Bethany Baxter started her journey at Northern Kentucky University in 1999, she was undecided on what her future would hold.

  • Highlights of Hope

    Highlights of Hope

    Every minute, 24 people in the U.S. suffer some form of violence at the hands of an intimate partner—this is according to the National Domestic Violence Hotline, which estimates that some 12 million people are affected by rape, violence or stalking annually. Here in Kentucky, the numbers paint a bleaker picture than the national average, with an approximate one in three women and one in ten men reporting some form of abusive behavior or sexual assault by a partner. Thankfully, a heightened awareness of personal safety in the Commonwealth has led to numerous projects and campaigns aimed at empowering victims, and one such project takes the objective to a place where many abused women go to find refuge: the hair salon.

  • Purpose Over Passion

    Purpose Over Passion

    Just reading Adaora Mbelu-Dania’s (‘08) resume is enough to tire most of us. She launched her first entrepreneurial endeavor at age 16, a magazine produced in her home country of Nigeria that celebrated the work of Africans in the diaspora.

  • Into the Fire

    Into the Fire

    “Do you want to go to Africa?” When first he heard the question, Dave Moore, who had recently accepted the position of fire chief in Cincinnati’s Glendale Fire Department, didn’t know everything he understood about fighting fires was about to change.

  • A Conversation with Ashish Vaidya

    A Conversation with Ashish Vaidya

    On Thursday, November 9, 2017, Northern Kentucky University named Dr. Ashish Vaidya the school's sixth president. After a long day of introducing himself to the university, talking to reporters about everything from administrative objectives to his hobbies (dining out, playing tennis and enjoying his family's pet Chihuahua mix, Coco), and meeting with community representatives and student leaders, Dr. Vaidya settled into the presidential conference room for a chat with NKU Magazine.

  • NKU Magazine Spring-Summer 2018

    NKU Magazine Spring-Summer 2018

    Warm weather is here, and so is the Spring-Summer issue of NKU Magazine. This issue's cover feature introduces readers to NKU's sixth president, Dr. Ashish Vaidya—born and raised across various parts of India, Vaidya made his way to the California during his own university years. From grad student to economics professor to administrator, Vaidya’s path to the presidency has been driven by a desire to tackle tough challenges. This summer, he arrives at NKU to begin the adventure of leading the university into its bright future.

  • A Curious Thirst

    A Curious Thirst

    Patrick McGinnis ('08, '13) thought he was going to be a teacher. As a social studies major, he earned a bachelor’s in secondary education from Northern Kentucky University first, then returned to the university for a Master of Executive Leadership & Organizational Change (ELOC) a few years later. And he was pursuing his Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership at NKU when life stepped in and showed him that the real lesson was his to learn. And it all started with a question.

  • The Show Must Go On

    The Show Must Go On

    What does it take to be a star of the theater? Most would say a place center stage in the main role of a play or musical or, at the very least, a part significant enough to earn a listing in a production’s “Playbill.” Northern Kentucky University alumnus Marty Boyer (‘99) isn’t trying to get his name on a theater marquee, but the work he does for local productions is very much a star turn. Which is how he likes it—he wants to craft the main story from behind the scenes.

  • JumpStarting Success

    JumpStarting Success

    Having a skill is one thing. Knowing how to use it is quite another. Since its conception in 2014, Northern Kentucky University’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) has worked as an interdisciplinary program designed to seed an entrepreneurial mindset across the campus and beyond.