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  • Mystery Photo...Solved!

    Mystery Photo...Solved!

    On the back cover of the print version of NKU Magazine, we always include a photo from the Schlachter University Archives that has us puzzling over what's going on.

  • Improv is Life

    Improv is Life

    They say that laughter is the best medicine, but is this really true? Elizabeth “E.B.” Byland thinks so—and she’s sharing her own love of humor with people she believes could use an extra chuckle or two.

  • Highlights of Hope

    Highlights of Hope

    Every minute, 24 people in the U.S. suffer some form of violence at the hands of an intimate partner—this is according to the National Domestic Violence Hotline, which estimates that some 12 million people are affected by rape, violence or stalking annually. Here in Kentucky, the numbers paint a bleaker picture than the national average, with an approximate one in three women and one in ten men reporting some form of abusive behavior or sexual assault by a partner. Thankfully, a heightened awareness of personal safety in the Commonwealth has led to numerous projects and campaigns aimed at empowering victims, and one such project takes the objective to a place where many abused women go to find refuge: the hair salon.

  • Outside In

    Outside In

    Nearly obscured by trees and a sloping hill, a nature trail runs a snaky path through the prairie behind Honors College. The area, full of weeds and tall grass, runs along the university’s southern edge and on any given day, it’s a lonely space, unknown to much of the Northern Kentucky University community. But a recent mural inspired by the nature trail aims to bring this outside secret in—and give the unsung space prime real estate in NKU’s new, and very high-traffic, Health Innovation Center (HIC).

  • Into the Fire

    Into the Fire

    “Do you want to go to Africa?” When first he heard the question, Dave Moore, who had recently accepted the position of fire chief in Cincinnati’s Glendale Fire Department, didn’t know everything he understood about fighting fires was about to change.

  • A Conversation with Ashish Vaidya

    A Conversation with Ashish Vaidya

    On Thursday, November 9, 2017, Northern Kentucky University named Dr. Ashish Vaidya the school's sixth president. After a long day of introducing himself to the university, talking to reporters about everything from administrative objectives to his hobbies (dining out, playing tennis and enjoying his family's pet Chihuahua mix, Coco), and meeting with community representatives and student leaders, Dr. Vaidya settled into the presidential conference room for a chat with NKU Magazine.

  • Teaching Together

    Teaching Together

    Michael Pearcy (’14), a seventh-grade math teacher at R.A. Jones Middle School in Florence, Kentucky, takes to the whiteboard lining his classroom’s front wall. Today’s lesson is on binomials, and numbers fill the board as Pearcy writes out strings of algebraic equations. He’s passionate about mathematics, and Pearcy’s students are lucky to have him for a teacher (even if they aren’t all crazy about the subject). The lesson is an important one, and Pearcy is able to teach it confidently because of his own student experience, when he trained at Jones while a student of Northern Kentucky University.

  • Out in the County

    Out in the County

    Accessibility determines so much in a person’s decision to pursue higher education, both in terms of physical proximity and financial feasibility. On-campus housing and financial aid offer traditional solutions to these challenges, but for Jacqalynn Riley (‘07), neither of those fit the bill—she wasn't about to choose dorm life over the farm she and her husband bought at age 19 for dorm life, and she was committed to avoiding educational debt.

  • HIC Video Tour

    HIC Video Tour

    If you've been on campus recently or follow Northern Kentucky University in the news, you know about the newest addition to campus, the Health Innovation Center (HIC). While it's not set to open to students until fall 2018, our editors gained access to the building to film some footage of the state-of-the-art health care education facility. Check out the video above for a sneak peak inside the HIC.

  • NKU Magazine Spring-Summer 2018

    NKU Magazine Spring-Summer 2018

    Warm weather is here, and so is the Spring-Summer issue of NKU Magazine. This issue's cover feature introduces readers to NKU's sixth president, Dr. Ashish Vaidya—born and raised across various parts of India, Vaidya made his way to the California during his own university years. From grad student to economics professor to administrator, Vaidya’s path to the presidency has been driven by a desire to tackle tough challenges. This summer, he arrives at NKU to begin the adventure of leading the university into its bright future.