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  • Rising Hope for Aging

    Rising Hope for Aging

    Dr. Suk-hee Kim is always thinking of new and different ways to engage with the Northern Kentucky University community. Kim, an assistant professor of social work in the Department of Counseling, Social Work and Leadership, recently led a class focused on gerontology—the very first of its kind in NKU’s history.

  • A Teacher's Legacy

    A Teacher's Legacy

    If there’s one thing Patsy Fisk (’80) wants people to remember about her husband, Mike (’79), it’s that he loved music. Mike developed a love for music during his freshman year of high school, she says. And nothing could stop that love, not even a brain tumor.

  • A Life Spent Loving History

    A Life Spent Loving History

    For many, finding a path to follow is a lifelong challenge. But in the case of Richard Cooper, the path found him—and it wound backward in time.

  • Into the Fire

    Into the Fire

    “Do you want to go to Africa?” When first he heard the question, Dave Moore, who had recently accepted the position of fire chief in Cincinnati’s Glendale Fire Department, didn’t know everything he understood about fighting fires was about to change.

  • Banks' Account

    Banks' Account

    It is, to say the least, an interesting time for American politics. No matter where you land on the political spectrum, it’s hard to deny that our legislative landscape’s taken on some new and unfamiliar features in recent years. What comes next is anybody’s guess, but one thing’s for sure: These days, there are unusual politics at play in politics as usual.

  • The Show Must Go On

    The Show Must Go On

    What does it take to be a star of the theater? Most would say a place center stage in the main role of a play or musical or, at the very least, a part significant enough to earn a listing in a production’s “Playbill.” Northern Kentucky University alumnus Marty Boyer (‘99) isn’t trying to get his name on a theater marquee, but the work he does for local productions is very much a star turn. Which is how he likes it—he wants to craft the main story from behind the scenes.

  • Brewing Up Success

    Brewing Up Success

    For Paul Kemp, good beer is serious business.

  • Mystery Photo...Solved!

    Mystery Photo...Solved!

    On the back cover of the print version of NKU Magazine, we always include a photo from the Schlachter University Archives that has us puzzling over what's going on.

  • Improv is Life

    Improv is Life

    They say that laughter is the best medicine, but is this really true? Elizabeth “E.B.” Byland thinks so—and she’s sharing her own love of humor with people she believes could use an extra chuckle or two.

  • Highlights of Hope

    Highlights of Hope

    Every minute, 24 people in the U.S. suffer some form of violence at the hands of an intimate partner—this is according to the National Domestic Violence Hotline, which estimates that some 12 million people are affected by rape, violence or stalking annually. Here in Kentucky, the numbers paint a bleaker picture than the national average, with an approximate one in three women and one in ten men reporting some form of abusive behavior or sexual assault by a partner. Thankfully, a heightened awareness of personal safety in the Commonwealth has led to numerous projects and campaigns aimed at empowering victims, and one such project takes the objective to a place where many abused women go to find refuge: the hair salon.