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  • NACU Serves the Underserved

    NACU Serves the Underserved

    Northern Kentucky University's Nurse Advocacy Center for the Underserved (NACU) is a program, co-funded by NKU and external partners, that places experienced nurses in communities comprised of underserved populations. Because lack of access to quality health care is common to low-income areas, community members often don't understand how to use the health-care system and either forego important care or visit the ER by default. NACU, in partnership with local clinics, makes health care services and education accessible to these underserved groups.

  • Art in the Age of Social Media

    Art in the Age of Social Media

    Any time one of us responds to a social media post, the action creates a potential dopamine release in the brain of the poster, a short-term feedback loop not dissimilar to the pleasure felt when biting into a piece of cheesecake or completing a brisk run.

  • Teaching Together

    Teaching Together

    Michael Pearcy (’14), a seventh-grade math teacher at R.A. Jones Middle School in Florence, Kentucky, takes to the whiteboard lining his classroom’s front wall. Today’s lesson is on binomials, and numbers fill the board as Pearcy writes out strings of algebraic equations. He’s passionate about mathematics, and Pearcy’s students are lucky to have him for a teacher (even if they aren’t all crazy about the subject). The lesson is an important one, and Pearcy is able to teach it confidently because of his own student experience, when he trained at Jones while a student of Northern Kentucky University.

  • HIC Video Tour

    HIC Video Tour

    If you've been on campus recently or follow Northern Kentucky University in the news, you know about the newest addition to campus, the Health Innovation Center (HIC). While it's not set to open to students until fall 2018, our editors gained access to the building to film some footage of the state-of-the-art health care education facility. Check out the video above for a sneak peak inside the HIC.

  • What's in a Name?

    What's in a Name?

    “I'm going to Landrum.” You’ve likely said this phrase heading to a history, English or other general requirements class at Northern Kentucky University. But did you ever stop to wonder what Landrum means? We did some digging for the stories of people behind the building names—who they were and why they matter to NKU.

  • STEM #LikeAGirl

    STEM #LikeAGirl

    Females with careers in STEM—science, technology, engineering and math—are vastly outnumbered by their male co-workers. That’s just a fact—according to the National Center for Education Statistics, only some 20 percent of women in the U.S. workforce are in STEM fields. STEM pervades every part of our lives, but included fields lack the perspectives of roughly half of the world’s population. What’s going on here? Are STEM education programs inhospitable to women? Is there a dearth of encouragement? A lack of opportunities? Gender bias? There are several environmental and social barriers to blame—many women have children in the middle of their careers, and care for ailing family members often falls to them—but STEM jobs are among America’s most rapid-growth sectors for middle- and upper-income careers. Including women in what many regard as a ladder to income stability isn’t an option—it’s a responsibility.

  • Leading Indicators

    Leading Indicators

    What does Minnesota mean to you? Ten thousand lakes, sure (there are actually 11,842, but who’s counting?), and Prince and Bob Dylan hail from there, so the state has some musical prominence. You’ve probably watched the Twins, Vikings and/or Timberwolves play your home teams now and again. And we all know from “Fargo” that Minnesotans keep backyard wood chippers, don’cha know?

  • NKU Magazine Spring-Summer 2018

    NKU Magazine Spring-Summer 2018

    Warm weather is here, and so is the Spring-Summer issue of NKU Magazine. This issue's cover feature introduces readers to NKU's sixth president, Dr. Ashish Vaidya—born and raised across various parts of India, Vaidya made his way to the California during his own university years. From grad student to economics professor to administrator, Vaidya’s path to the presidency has been driven by a desire to tackle tough challenges. This summer, he arrives at NKU to begin the adventure of leading the university into its bright future.

  • Speaking of Research

    Speaking of Research

    In 2002, under the guidance of fourth university President James Votruba, Northern Kentucky University created a five-year plan called “Strengthening Our Capacity to Serve.” Alongside goals like aligning curriculum with regional needs, enhancing student recruitment and retention, and improving the financial base, the school made a formal commitment to strengthen its public engagement. One result of this was the establishment of the Scripps Howard Center for Civic Engagement.

  • JumpStarting Success

    JumpStarting Success

    Having a skill is one thing. Knowing how to use it is quite another. Since its conception in 2014, Northern Kentucky University’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) has worked as an interdisciplinary program designed to seed an entrepreneurial mindset across the campus and beyond.