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  • Rising Hope for Aging

    Rising Hope for Aging

    Dr. Suk-hee Kim is always thinking of new and different ways to engage with the Northern Kentucky University community. Kim, an assistant professor of social work in the Department of Counseling, Social Work and Leadership, recently led a class focused on gerontology—the very first of its kind in NKU’s history.

  • Houston, We Have an NKU Intern

    Rose Pendley never really thought about working for NASA until her sophomore year of college while taking an astronomy class. The course covered NASA, its history, and its many endeavors.

  • Umi Visits the HIC

    Umi Visits the HIC

    When Umi passed away at the tragic age of around 5 years old, his parents couldn't have known that the young Egyptian would, some 2,000 years later, make news in a Kentucky university.

  • STEM #LikeAGirl

    STEM #LikeAGirl

    Females with careers in STEM—science, technology, engineering and math—are vastly outnumbered by their male co-workers. That’s just a fact—according to the National Center for Education Statistics, only some 20 percent of women in the U.S. workforce are in STEM fields. STEM pervades every part of our lives, but included fields lack the perspectives of roughly half of the world’s population. What’s going on here? Are STEM education programs inhospitable to women? Is there a dearth of encouragement? A lack of opportunities? Gender bias? There are several environmental and social barriers to blame—many women have children in the middle of their careers, and care for ailing family members often falls to them—but STEM jobs are among America’s most rapid-growth sectors for middle- and upper-income careers. Including women in what many regard as a ladder to income stability isn’t an option—it’s a responsibility.

  • NKU Magazine Spring-Summer 2018

    NKU Magazine Spring-Summer 2018

    Warm weather is here, and so is the Spring-Summer issue of NKU Magazine. This issue's cover feature introduces readers to NKU's sixth president, Dr. Ashish Vaidya—born and raised across various parts of India, Vaidya made his way to the California during his own university years. From grad student to economics professor to administrator, Vaidya’s path to the presidency has been driven by a desire to tackle tough challenges. This summer, he arrives at NKU to begin the adventure of leading the university into its bright future.

  • Lost in Translation

    Lost in Translation

    Four students stare at scans of more than 600 pages of old diaries—cursive handwriting in French, English and Latin. They've put in countless hours translating these seemingly illegible diaries as cross-marks and splotches collect to cover their own handwritten pages. The assignment was frustrating. There were a lot of sleepless nights. And they had to put off work from other classes.

  • Rocket Man

    Rocket Man

    On certain dates of the year, you may, upon gazing into the creeping darkness of the early evening or pre-dawn sky, see a large ball of light—star0like, but brighter—emerge from one corner of the horizon, steadily glide across the heavens for a minute or two, then wink out in completion of its overhead journey.

  • NKU Magazine Fall-Winter 17-18

    NKU Magazine Fall-Winter 17-18

    The Fall/Winter 2017-18 issue of NKU Magazine features a look back at the people, places and things that made NKU’s first half-century “The Big 50.” And, looking to what’s ahead for the university, we introduce you to NKU’s new, incoming president, Dr. Ashish Vaidya, who ponders identity in the modern age, discusses the need for collaborative vision-development moving forward and tosses up an enthusiastic set of horns for his inaugural "Norse Up.”

  • Return to Chimkhola

    Return to Chimkhola

    What does a 30-year research project look like? Ask John Metz. Metz, an associate professor and director of the Geography program at Northern Kentucky University, spent the last three decades researching human-environment relationships, both locally and internationally.

  • Educational Leadership for the Win

    Educational Leadership for the Win

    When you think of Brussels, Belgium, what comes to mind? Oversized waffles? Uncommonly tasty chocolate? That infamous statue of an impish child? Fair enough, but for a trio of students from Northern Kentucky University’s Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership program, Brussels represents a moment of professional triumph, educational advancement and personal celebration (and, yes, those other things, too).