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abbie oschner

Degrees: Nursing AAS ('06), Nursing BSN ('07), Nursing Administration- Executive Leadership ('14)

What are you up to now?

Nursing Excellence and Magnet Program Manager at St. Elizabeth Healthcare

Who is your favorite professor and how did they help you on your journey?

My favorite professor and one that made the biggest impact on my student and nursing career:  Karen Martin!


Karen was tasked with teaching some of our most difficult classes, such as Pharmacology.  What made Karen such a great teacher and the content relatable was her ability to provide clinical situations that she had experienced or knowledge that she relied on as an active clinical nurse.  Karen not only was a great teacher, but she also is kind, compassionate, and caring…which is what makes her an outstanding nurse!


During my pediatric rotation, I was in the room observing a respiratory therapist deep suction a patient with cerebral palsy.  This patient was flailing his arms, struggling, and gasping for air. As I was watching, I began to feel clammy and dizzy. I didn’t want to make a scene, so I stepped out of the room and as I did, I passed out!  Needless to say, I was embarrassed and ask Karen if I could speak to her during my next day back on campus. I told Karen that I don’t think I can be a nurse. I can’t even stay conscious in order to help take care of the patients!


Karen was so kind and told me that I would be a wonderful nurse.  She also gave me the medical rationale of why I probably passed out from being a bystander and having my knees locked, which caused a vasovagal response.  Karen’s encouragement and recognition of my abilities carried me through the rest of my schooling. I love seeing Karen in the halls of St. Elizabeth, where we both have the privilege of working.  She is truly a wonderful nurse and terrific teacher!