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Alaina Broderson ('15)

Alaina Broderson (left)

Organizational Leadership/Theater BFA


Sometimes life takes a sharp turn, but you might end up exactly where you want to be. At least, this was the case for NKU alum, Alaina Broderson.
Starting in theater, Alaina found herself in organizational leadership which ultimately led her to the Peace Corps.

“I’ve always volunteered in nonprofits,” Alaina said, so volunteering for the Peace Corps was a no-brainer.

Currently, Alaina is on her way to serving the Peace Corps in Kosovo, an eastern European country that gained independence in 2008. She will be there for two years.

Alaina owes her sense of adventure and desire to try new things to Greek Life, the Activities Programming Board (APB)  and the Northern Kentucky Leadership Institute (NKLI).

“I love jumping into the unknown,” Alaina says.

Her main advice, which she learned from a friend, is to come in with no expectations. It’ll help you along the way.