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anthony gigliotti

Degree: Political Science ('94)

Career: Assistant Vice President & Director, Western and Southern Financial Group Distributors Sales Support

How would you explain to the average person what you do?

I lead a team of 30 associates. I’m responsible for hiring, training and development of the associates on the team.  Now, what we do (the team and I) is educate and demonstrate the value of the retirement products and services we offer to financial advisors and their firms.


How did NKU help you on your journey?

Many of my professors were not only students of their discipline, but they had real-world experience in their field.  I earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and now I work in a highly regulated industry. My education I received at NKU helps me understand and navigate the regularity environment, since we have to maintain compliance on different federal, state and self-regularity organizations (SRO).


What is some advice you would give to prospective/current students?

This goes for your education, career and life.  You have more control of your success than you believe.  There are three things you control every day of your life.  It is your attitude, aptitude and activity.

  • Attitude – be positive!  Dwelling on the negative will not improve the outcome. In fact, it may make it worse (or at least make you feel worse). We are blessed with many choices every day, so choose wisely and be grateful.
  • Aptitude - make sure you learn something new every day.  The world is changing. The best way to predict the future is be part of creating it.
  • Activity – There are a lot of intelligent people out there, you can separate yourself by taking that extra step or going that extra mile.