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Jim Anstead ('74, '83)

Jim Anstead's limerick book

Jim Anstead has been an educator and writer his entire career. He started his first passion of teaching in 1977 and published his first essay in 1990.

Both education and literature have been passions of him for his entire life.When Jim was serving as a collaborative teacher, his fellow educator asked the students to write a limerick, which reminded Jim of a book he got as a child filled with limericks. The distinct type of writing was one of the first literary pieces that made him interested in writing.

After that class, Jim set out to publish a book about his travels around the world written exclusively of limericks. His book, "Around the World in Five Lines", has more than 200 limericks about different locations he and his friends have traveled.

His favorite limerick in the book goes like this:

An abrasive history student from Medicine Hat
Will insult anyone don’t ever doubt that
He claimed that dolly couldn’t draw a straight line
And poe’s finest tales were induced by wine
Then, as a parting shot, he called Edison fat


His book can be purchased online.