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Degree: Middle Grades Education ('96)

How would you explain to the average person what you do?

My position as superintendent at Lawrenceburg Community School Corporation would be comparable to the CEO of a business. Depending on the size of the school corporation, superintendents may share responsibilities or oversee multiple departments; i.e. - Business Department (assist with creating the annual budget, approval of requisitions), HR (staffing, supervision, hiring and dismissal of personnel), Maintenance (Buildings and Grounds), Transportation (Bus Service), Food Service (Breakfast and Lunch Programs), Curriculum Instruction, Extra-Curricular, School Safety and PR (interaction with multiple community civic groups/organizations, city and county officials). I also attend multiple school and community events, which allow me to be accessible and visible to staff, parents and the community.

How did NKU help you on your journey?

NKU helped lay the foundation for my educational skills; critical thinking, problem-solving and life-long learning. I believe that my professors at NKU provided me with the tools to be truly successful teaching in the classroom.

What is some advice you would give to prospective/current students?

Get involved with activities at NKU or in the community where you live so you begin to understand how to balance a school or workload with activities and your personal life. Take advantage of the amenities offered NKU; i.e. - recreational facilities, fine arts productions, clubs and organizations. Also, I encourage you to find a mentor as you begin your career in education and utilize those peers within your building who are always positive and optimistic. You will need their support and morale from time to time when you have concerns.