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Kat Moser

Kat Moser always knew that Musical Theatre was her calling, but she didn’t always know what path she would take to achieve her dream. She originally attended Western Kentucky University and transferred to NKU in 2011.

“NKU gave me the tools to discover my specialty as an actor, as well as connected me with great mentors like Ken Jones, who still give me guidance in my career today.”

Graduating in 2014, Kat went on to get her master’s degree at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Education has always been a big part of her journey to success.

“Educate yourself on the business of theatre, film, television, etc. so you can be the best CEO of your own company – YOU as an actor!”

Kat currently lives in New York City after moving there to pursue her dream in 2018. Recently, Kat started a role in The Office! A Musical Parody, based on the TV show “The Office”.

“I actually auditioned for the production three times. Three hours after the last audition I received an email offer for the track of Phyllis and others as an immediate replacement for the Off Broadway Show in New York City.”

“The NKU theatre department gave me a solid Musical Theatre training and helped me develop a professional, strong work ethic” Kat says. “If you move to NY or any other major city for acting, remember that you are on your own path and do not compare your journey to someone else. Be patient and persistent, because you never know when the right role for you will be along."