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Degree: Biological Sciences: Ecology, Environmental and Organismal Track (‘13)

What are you up to now?

I'm currently working in North East Nigeria as the Area Manager for the Danish Refugee Council responding to the ongoing conflict in the region. We are one of the top international non-governmental organizations working in humanitarian aid. Here in Nigeria my teams of  approximately 50 staff members work in Protection, Water/Hygiene/Sanitation, Livelihoods, Armed Violence Reduction, Mine Risk Education, Food Security and Non-Food Items distribution to internally displaced persons, refugees and host communities affected by the crisis. I'm also serving as chairman of a USA/Liberia non-profit called Educate West Point which is working in the largest slum in Liberia to support vulnerable youths access to quality education.


How did NKU help you on your journey?

My career in aid work began with my first "job" after graduating, serving as Secondary Education Biology Teacher through the Peace Corps.  For 15 months I was a volunteer in rural Liberia and was forced to evacuate due to the Ebola outbreak. I quickly returned with a local Non-government Organization (NGO) to work as their Ebola Response Program Manager in Monrovia, launching me into the NGO sector.  I was first exposed to the Peace Corps through seminars I attended at NKU, and was also attracted to the idea of traveling abroad and teaching due to a alternative spring break and research competitions I attended abroad through NKU's Biology Department. NKU fueled my passion for adventure and exploration, while my professors challenged me to go further, and push harder.


What is some advice you would give to prospective/current students?

It sounds cheesy and the typical "college how-to playbook,” but my main advice would be to put yourself out there, and take advantage of every opportunity.  Go to the seminars, the meet-and-greets, the social events and the study groups. Embrace the awkwardness of it all and just try new things. Enjoy your experience and don't limit yourself; who knows where you'll go!