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monique brannon

Degree: Psychology ('85)

“I  most likely wouldn’t have gotten that opportunity anywhere else.”


Monique Brannon is currently the National Director of Learning & Organizational Effectiveness at Grant Thornton LLC, one of the world's leading organizations of independent audit, tax and advisory firms.  Brannon currently manages 31 employees responsible for training conferences and professional development opportunities for Grant Thornton employees across the country.

She credits much of her success to Dr. George Manning, retired professor of Psychology.  

“He was so genuine and caring,” Brannon said. “He was a great mentor.”  

In addition to allowing Monique to edit his book, “Stress Without Distress: RX for Burnout (1988),” Manning also encouraged her to lead corporate stress management seminars while she was still a student. These opportunities, in addition to a strong foundation for business she received through her minor classes, helped her break into the field of Human Resources early in her career and continue to grow.    


Monique’s advice to students is, “Be proud of yourself and your degree.  You have a great foundation, but it’s all about how hard you work from here.”