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Policy Creation, Revision, Retirement, and Communication (Policy on Policies)

Link to Policy Under Review: Policy Creation, Revision, and Communication (Policy on Policies) 

Type (New, Revision, etc.): Revision

Purpose: NKU's Policy on Policies governs the development and approval of University policies at NKU. This process ensures that policies are properly developed and regularly updated to remain compliant with the law; are reviewed by and subject to input from relevant campus stakeholders; are easy to find, read, and understand; and align with the mission of the University.

Type of Change: This is a revision to simplify and clarify the current policy, which can be found on the NKU policy website


As stated in the policy, this Policy on Policies does not apply to procedures, requirements, and standards that typically govern the functions or operations of individual colleges, offices, and units, or to procedures established to implement policies. Procedures and other unit-level requirements and guidelines must be consistent with relevant University policies. In the event of a conflict, the University policy will control.

As also stated in the policy, policies within the scope of the Faculty Policies and Procedures Handbook (Faculty Handbook), Department Chair / School Director Handbook, Faculty Senate Constitution, Staff Congress Constitution, Student Government Association Constitution, the Community Standards and Student Rights document, as well as internal unit bylaws and handbooks, are not subject to this Policy on Policies but may be subject to processes described in those documents.This Policy on Policies does not supersede requirements established in the Faculty Handbook and the Faculty Senate Constitution. Appendix C to the Faculty Handbook, Collegial Governance at NKU, requires good faith consultation regarding policies, delegation to faculty bodies of primary responsibility for recommendations in academic matters, and, in the event such recommendations are not accepted, a written response articulating compelling reasons for the decision. The Faculty Senate Constitution requires a dialogue between the Senate and the President or designee in cases of disagreement regarding Senate policy recommendations. These steps are to be observed in addition to the requirements described in this Policy on Policies.

Entities Affected: All NKU employees, divisions, and students. 

Comment Period: April 4, 2024 - May 4, 2024 - To submit a comment, click the yellow box below.