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Dear Campus Community:

On June 11, Governor Beshear will lift the mask mandate as well as all capacity restrictions. As these changes take effect, I would encourage all of you to help us begin making the campus a central hub of activity again. The fall will take us “Back to the Future” to a reimagined NKU, but let’s not wait until August to build up campus vibrancy. Through the summer months of June and July, I invite you to come to campus to catch up with friends and colleagues. We can do this by holding some in-person meetings, taking a lunch break with a colleague or even stopping by another office to reconnect with someone you haven’t seen in a while.

This summer, each division will be reviewing and evaluating staffing levels. We ask that managers assess divisional needs to create staffing plans in order to best serve our students. This will help us transition back to life on campus and still allow our employees some flexibility over the summer.

Another big change starting this summer is that, you are no longer required to take the Healthy@NKU app before coming to campus. It is now an optional tool to assist with self-monitoring and to help you make an informed decision about reporting to campus or not. You may have noticed some other changes to the Healthy@NKU app. 

  • The app asks if you have been fully vaccinated. This question is to assist you with the decision of whether or not to report to campus. All information provided in the app is kept confidential.
  • Since mask mandates have been relaxed, the app no longer asks you to agree to wear a mask while on campus. Masks may continue to be worn if individuals chose to do so. Do not assume masked individuals are not vaccinated as there are many reasons individuals may continue to wear a mask.

NKU is also proud to accept the White House COVID-19 College Vaccination challenge. We are committed to doing everything in our power to get our campus community vaccinated. In the coming weeks, we will share what you can do to help NKU meet this challenge. The first step is spreading the word that there are COVID-19 vaccines still available on campus. NKU’s Health, Counseling and Student Wellness has Pfizer vaccines available by appointment for all students, faculty and staff as well as family members over age 12 with no state residency requirement. Call (859) 572-5650 with questions or to schedule an appointment.

It is important for our faculty and staff to create a vibrant community that is central to student success. NKU is a special place where we love to visit, work and learn, and our students and our employees make this possible. Let us begin reinvigorating our campus now, as we enjoy the summer months together.

Thank you for all that you do for our students and NKU. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Ashish Vaidya