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The SAFE Mentor program aims to connect LGBTQA+ students with LGBTQA+ staff, faculty, and administrators from NKU. This program is open to all LGBTQA+ identifying, closeted, and questioning students. Mentee-Mentor pairs are based on their identities, specific needs or requests of the mentee, and mutual interests, skills, or career focus.

The SAFE Mentor program is designed for mentoring queer students, supporting the development of their voice, leadership, & communication skills, and fostering intercultural understanding, community building opportunities, and an inclusive environment.

The goals of the program are:

  • To foster mentoring relationships between LGBTQA+ students and LGBTQA+ faculty/staff/administrators that will offer support, guidance, and resources. 
  • To provide support for students who are in the process of coming out, who are closeted for personal reasons, or are questioning their identity. 
  • To provide students with the opportunity to engage with diverse professionals and begin developing their LGBTQA+ networks. 
  • To help connect students to important resources across campus. 
  • To increase visibility of LGBTQA+ professionals and SAFE members at NKU. 
  • To provide mentors with the opportunity to engage with LGBTQA+ students outside of the classroom and to learn from their experiences. 
  • To increase mentors' understanding and awareness of the experiences of LGBTQA+ students at NKU, in order to serve as better allies and advocates.

Apply to be a SAFE Mentor!    

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to LGBTQA+ SI Director, Dr. LaVette Burnette, at or SAFE President, Caitlin Drouillard-Ahlrichs, at  

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