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SAFE participates in a variety of on-campus events, often supporting the work of NKU's LGBTQA+ Student Initiatives.  SAFE also participates in several regional events.


Pride Events - Outreach to Prospective Students/Families

Pride events are outdoor events celebrating LGBTQA+ social and self acceptance, achievements, and legal rights.  These events sometimes include marches/parades and festivals. SAFE participates in the regional events, which are held annually, typically in June.

Annual Lavender Graduation

Interested in sponsoring Lavender Graduation?  Contact LGBTQA+ Student Initiatives!

The Lavender Graduation is an annual ceremony conducted on campuses across the nation to honor lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and ally students and to acknowledge their achievements and contributions to the University. The Lavender Graduation Ceremony was created by Dr. Ronni Sanlo, a Jewish Lesbian, who was denied the opportunity to attend the graduations of her biological children because of her sexual orientation. It was through this experience that she came to understand the pain felt by her students. Dr. Sanlo designed the first Lavender Graduation Ceremony in 1995.

This event is open to the entire campus and larger community, but you must register to attend! We encourage all students, faculty, staff, alumni, community and family members to join us in celebrating our talented and wonderful LGBTQA+ graduates at this special event.


Sponsored by the Office of LGBTQA+ Student Initiatives

An annual event, month plus of events dedicated to LGBTQA+ Pride on NKU's campus from the last week in March through April. Events are open to the entire campus community. All students, faculty, staff, alumni, community and family members are encouraged to attend any or all of the events. More information about LGBTQA+ Pride Month.