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Master Advisor Events & Workshops provide professional training and development for all faculty, staff, and advisors across campus. Topics that are covered vary each year on student needs and current academic advising issues.

Master Advisor Events include, but are not limited (with approval of the Master Advisor Program Committee) to:

  • Membership and active participation in the Advising Council for an entire academic year;
  • Attendance at workshops sponsored by the Master Advisor Program;
  • Attendance at professional development training sessions;
  • Making a presentation for a Master Advisor Seminar or a Master Advisor workshop;
  • Organizing or participating in an advising training program sponsored by a department, college, or other University unit;
  • Participation in a professional conference focused on advising (e.g. NACADA, KACADA);
  • Submitting a paper on an advising topic to a professional journal;
  • Helping to organize the Master Advisor Seminar;
  • Participation in any special advising program sponsored by the Advising Council;
  • Other activities as approved by the Master Advisor Program Committee.

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Below is the list of the Master Advisor Workshops for FALL 2023